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NEED ADVICE: Levulan PDT With IPL Laser before CO2 lasers?

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I'm learning so much on these boards, and I'm really grateful to all those people sharing their experiences!

I'm a 28 year old male with moderate acne scars from cystic acne. The majority of my active acne has cleared up, though I still get breakouts here and there which leaves my skin in a perpetual state of discoloration and blotchiness.

I'm considering getting a series of Levulan PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) treatments with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser to help with discoloration, pore size and also to reduce my current more minor active breakouts.

MY QUESTION IS THIS: Would getting PDT treatments or treatments with an IPL laser affect possible future laser treatments for scarring? Is it better to do a fractional CO2 treatment before or after IPL PDT or does it matter? I might do a series of PDT treatments witih IPL, and do a fractional CO2 laser for acne scarring a month or so after my first or second PDT. Any problems with this plan?

For my acne scars I want to try a laser treatment such as a fractional CO2 laser like Lumenis UltraPulse, Active FX, Max FX, Mixto or something similar. I also might even consider getting traditional CO2 resurfacing (I had CO2 resurfacing done 9 years ago, and while it didn't remove my scars, it softened their appearance and evened out my skin tone considerably after the significant recovery period... unfortunately, since that time I had a nasty flare up of cystic acne again which left more scarring).

Might the IPL treatments make the CO2 or fractional CO2 treatments less effective in any way? Any special concerns here that I should have? How long should I wait after an IPL laser treatment before having a CO2 or fractional CO2 procedure? Would the CO2 treatment undo any benefits from an IPL treatment? I remember reading somewhere awhile back that the second CO2 treatment that someone has usually doesn't have the same significant results as the first treatment... I don't know where I read that, but it just keeps sticking in my mind and I don't want to get these IPL treatments if it will make the CO2 treatments for scarring less effective.

Also, out of the following laser treatments, what do you people think is most effective for acne scarring? Which is the deepest, most intense laser? Lumenis UltraPulse, Active FX, Max FX, Mixto, RE:Pair?

Thank you in advance for any information any of you can offer!!

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