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Need help about Accutane ?!

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Okay so im new to this, but i have severe acne and i am going on accutane in less than a month. I need some advice from other accutane users like : Did you use any topical medications or any over the counter treatments while taking accutane? , How badly did you suffer from side effects and what were they? , How bad would it be if i tanned in a tanning bed? ..And maybe if you have any advice or things that you did that helped during your treatment..

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I didn't use any topicals, and more people on here didn't either (BP is especially bad for your skin while on accutane).

I got hit by a whole load of side effects - red skin (sensitive to all moisturizers on accutane), very dry skin, cracks on side of lips, slow wound healing, etc. At the very least, you won't get side effects worse than what I have ;)

for advice, I say moisturize often. Other than that, you should keep your body healthy (eat fruits, exercise, drink water, etc)

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My derm told me to continue using Benzaclin and Differin (on alternating nights) while on accutane. I've been doing so for about 3 weeks so far with no problem. I try to be careful not to overdo it while applying the benzaclin however. I am only on 30 mg of accutane as of now, so maybe the topicals are ok to use while on a lower dosage? I'm just speculating.

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