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breakout after starting to regimen?

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Ok.. I know I've kind of messed up my face. But I've had mild-moderate acne around my chin and cheeks since I was about 12. Finally, I'm 19 now and my face was practically clear with maybe one blemish a week.

I have always for as long as I remmeber just used water and Oxy Pads. Then, my face broke out about a month ago. So in an attempt to speed up the process I bought Neutrogena Rapid pads.. they made me skin worse so I went back to Oxy after about a week. It cleared up, but then I broke out again really quickly. I ended up ordering Carley's Clear and Smooth after reading the rave reviews about it, but it took so long to get here that I ran out of Oxy and went back to the Neutrogena pads. But I also started using Spectrogel with it.

Then Carleys came and I've been using it for one week. My face feels like its on fire. It is burning, and painful if anything touches my skin. Also, I broke out but the texture of the breakout is different than before... They are more bumps now than zits and I cant tell whether its a rash or a breakout. I put aloe vera on it as well tonight, and it seems to be helping with the burning and the redness...

Should I continue using the Carley's? I've heard that when your skin breaks out when trying a new product, it is just getting all the impurities out and that it will start clearing up soon. But should it burn and everything? I'm hesitant as I have never used an actual treatment before.. just oxy pads, so I assume my skin is just adjusting... but i cant handle it much longer. I am hanging out with a guy i like this weekend and i dont want to look like this!!!!!!!!

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