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Is your face permanently redder/pinker than your neck?

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I have this problem, and I've seen a few others, especially those who are on DKR, complain about it, too. It's that weird thing where your face is several shades pinker than your neck or the rest of your body. Paula Begoun suggests a couple explanations for it in her most recent Beauty Bulletin. (I hope that link works without you having to sign up for anything.)

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I've had this problem for at least a few years now and i don't even use bp. I do think it's a mild rosacea in my case. i've always had a flushing tendency since i was a kid even. now i'm always somewhat flushed.

i do notice it's better when i'm eating tons of raw veggies and other all-natural foods. it's hard to do that all the time though.

one thing i'd say from experience: be careful of excessive use of retinoids, aha's, bha's, or anything else that is even remotely irritating. they are all the more irritating for people with rosacea-like symptoms. i used to use retin-a or differin almost every day, along with paula's choice bha liquid. now i go much more lightly on these things. also, no more scrubs for me. any exfoliator with grains in it is terrible on my face. i now wonder if i've helped to bring on this condition with overuse of active ingredients over such a long period.

i think dan's advice about being extremely gentle with your skin is very important for us with this redness issue.

edit: one more thing too. i've found that sunscreens without chemicals (just physical block) are helpful to keep the irritation down too.

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