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Colour of the clothes

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(I thought I read this somewhere but cannot figure it out where.)

What would be good colours for me if I had red spots on my face? Ok, I know it's shouldn't be that important to ask what colour of shirt someone else should use but u know..

I love red and more than half of my t-shirts (about 7/13) is red ones. Then there is random black ones (always quite good choice, I guess?) and yellow and a few blue and so one. Now I got dark purple (maybe auburn is the closest I can get... mmm) one and I LOVE IT :)

I have peach coloured pants and some black ones and a few random brown ones. What could be (maybe) the best choice for a pair? I love now this auburn and black shorts -combination myself but dunno.. Red and black is also great (maybe not because of my skin?).

What do you think about combinating colours of clothes and which one are the best ones?

does it really depends person('s shape) so much you couldn't say something for a random guy (who you haven't seen)?

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If you have a lot of redness on your face, you really shouldn't wear bright reds as it can bring out the redness. I find that rich and jewel reds tend to work well with the red pimples on my face.

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I would stay away from light colours and pastels. It will make your skin seem washed out/lighter and the red spots stand out more. Stick with darker colours.

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