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After 9 weeks still breaking out...

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I have always had mild acne. In high school I was on pro-active and it did clear me up but after awhile it stopped working. I went to the Dermatologist and he prescribed me Retin-A and said this should clear me up. Boy was he wrong. After the first couple of weeks I broke out badly. I mean my acne went from mild to moderate. He said it will clear up soon. So I waited 3 months and still no sign of clearing up. I would get these pesky whiteheads everyday. Then I decided to fuck it and switch over to DKR

I've been on DKR for about 9 weeks and still breaking out. The first month I broke out badly on my chin and today it is almost clear. In the second month my forehead was 100% clear and now it is moderate today. My redmarks are everywhere still and look the same. The only zits I get are whiteheads that grow within the day and go away couple days later. I brokeout with a new 3 whiteheads and have about 5-8 actives on my face.

I just don't get it, I'm sick of all these topicals. I'm constantly putting on moisterizer all day because the flakiness and dryness. I tried joboba oil and even emu oil and still flakes. I tried Neutrogena healthy skin AHA and that sucked. When I wake up after a good nights sleep my face is covered in flakes that you can flick off. It looks like I'm shedding.

I eat very healthy the past month. I'm on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. I don't know if it's because I weightlift or the DKR breaking me out. I been drinking ACV for past 2 weeks and so far no results. I just want to say fuck it and get off all topicals. It's summer and my face looks oily all the time with dead skin on it it's embarrassing. I can't swim cause when I dry my face there's all this dead skin that will show.

I might want to just stick with diet only and slowly ease off the BP. I'm moving to santa barbara where I'll be blocks from the beach and I'll take up surfing everyday and maybe the natural ocean and diet will help clear me up.

This just might be an endless rant but feels good after typing it :)

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Eeek! I'm on week 5 (I think) and still breaking out. Not sure if this is going to work for me, but I'm giving it until the end of summer. :unsure:

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hey, sorry to hear you're struggling with the bp. the thing is unfortunately one of the ways bp works is by speeding up the shedding process of your skin, stopping pores blocking and unfortunately resulting in flakes. i know they are so frustrating but they are 10x easier to deal with than acne. ive heard reports before of acne kind of doing a circle around your face, clearing up then breaking out. i think the fact that your chin is now clear shows that hopefully in time you can expect the same for your forehead. i would really advise sticking with it for 3 months, you've put in the hard ground work, getting used to the bp, you shouldnt give up now, many people dont clear up until the 3 months.

i also tell myself, whats the alternative? all topicals result in this kind of flaking so maybe if you're a girl birth control? but this is very hit and miss for everyone so maybe antibiotics? everyone knows they're just temporary though and eventually you either have to come off them or become immune. basically what im saying is bp is one of the few things that works despite of age/gender etc you cant become immune to it and its pretty damn safe. i think its a corner stone to most acne fighting regimens. yes you could quit and try the salt water/sunshine route but then consider what happens in winter? you've come so far with the regimen, i think it would be a waste to stop.

best thing is to try and work out why you're still so flakey. are you in and out of the water a lot? do you wash your face in a hot shower often? are you in the sunshine a lot? what moisturiser are you using? are you washing for too long? what cleanser? etc etc. im also curious as to why neutrogena healthy skin didnt work, how long did you give it and how much did you use?

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I only go to the beach like once or twice a week. I first tried the healthy skin in my first month of the regimen and I flaked out really bad. I used it for about 2-3 weeks. I'm using dan's BP along with emu oil at night only.

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