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How much zinc is safe to take per day?

I have been researching the net but i've got mixed results. Some say 50 mg a day is safe and some say that taking that amount would eventually lead to negative results.

I am worried, I going to start taking 50 Mg of Chelated Zinc.

I've also come to know that chelated zinc 50mg isn't actually 50 mg that is going to be absorbed by the body. Any light on this? So much does the body absorb let's say if I'm taking the 50 mg chelated one.

I just want to be reassured about this because i don't want to do anything wrong. I don't have bad acne anymore coming from the worst breakout in my life and now i'm full of red marks and hyperpigmentation. And I've read that zinc is good for the skin.

I'm thinking of doing zinc twice a week just to be on the safe side. I've used it before but i am more cautious about what i put into my body now. I don't want to throw my body's natural balance off. And zinc may just do that. could it?

It is possible that i had a copper deficiency after being on zinc for approx. 5 months @ 50mg a day (chelated zinc). I never had bad acne before then one day it just started to get worse. until it became cystic.

thanks for the help guys.

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Don't take that much unless you are deficient in it. You only need 10-15mg of Zinc daily, but try to get it from foods and not from supplements.

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I agree with the person above.

less is more.

however, my holistic chiropractor 'diagnosed' me with a zinc deficiency over 6 months ago and I need to take a fairly large dose.. BUT this is after determining that i did have a zinc deficiency. without that, i wouldn't go taking large amounts of zinc, cos it can put other things out of balance.

also, in my experience, the best way to up your zinc levels (if needed) is to take it in liquid form (you'll need to go searching for that but you'll find it if you look hard enough - try homeopathic/naturopathic places) and take in the morning.

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