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Best way to apply bp and Moisteriser

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Hi folks,

Just a quick query.

What is the best way to apply BP and the moisteriser?

I tend to concentrate on a certain part of the face at a time till it has absorbed.

I.e (forehead then move onto nose, then both cheeks, then mouth area and finally chin)

I do the same for Bp and moisteriser.

Is this the best way?!

Thoughts please

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I like to put the entire amount into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, then apply it all over with both palms. I do the same with the moisturizer. This works best for me.

Did you watch Dan's videos and see how he does it? If not, check 'em out. http://www.acne.org/regimen-instructions.html

With both palms? Surely thats difficult!? Do you not use your fingers to apply?!

I can't get access to the video's.

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Yea, I use both hands. It's actually much more effective and quicker, imo. I can rub it all around at once and be done with it. I do use my fingers, but what I meant was that I put the product in my palm, rub my hands together, and use both hands to distribute it to my face (using palms and fingers to spread around).

Did that make sense?

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I put the whole pump in my hand, then I take some with my fingertips and place it all around my face equally, then I use my fingertips again to rub it all in which takes me about 2-3 min.

Same with the moisturizer.

Plus its easy this way because dans bp doesnt dry up so when its all sitting on my face I do my cheeks first then forehead then my chin area last and none of it drys up.

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I pump the BP onto my left index finger, and then I scrape it off with my right index finger and spread it evenly all over my face using my right index and middle fingers, with light pressure from my fingertips and not focusing on any particular area. For moisturizer, I do basically the same but I use a little more pressure.

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