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Dear Friends in Acne,

I suffered from acne for 16 years - as a teen, cysts, papules, pustules and whiteheads and as an adult, I was covered in whiteheads. Nothing helped. You know the story - prescriptions, boutique products, mail order products, high end, low end ... yada yada yada, thousands of dollars wasted. Last winter, I came to this board and, inspired by the health forum, decided to try a non gluten/non dairy diet. That didn't help, either, but through my diet experiments, I did discover that I'm sensitive to legumes, including soy (go figure!). While on a trip back home to the US, I decided to try something new - a mixture of the DK Regimen, avoidance of legumes and soy (not super easy to do living in Japan!) as well as the use of Aqua Glycolic Toner and jojoba oil as a moisturizer.

Anyway. Long story short ... to my utter shock, that combination finally finally finally finally worked. In about two months my skin was almost completely free of whiteheads. I have pictures up in my gallery that I posted when I was trying the non gluten/dairy diet, and pics I posted just now of what my skin looks like these days - virtually whitehead and blemish free, yet covered with large pores and several ice pick scars. I'm THRILLED with the change but, of course, a little sensitive about the scars that remain.

My question:

It's been about 5 months now since my skin has improved. I'm planning a trip back home to the USA this December. Is it too soon to think about getting scar treatments - am I just jumping the gun?

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no your not. seek derm advice and definately get any scar preventative treatment you can. I regret not doing it myself but i was in the same boat as you. I had no scars, so how was I supposed to know to try to prevent scars from forming, which they inevitably did.

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