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hundreds of bumps on forehead

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does anybody know how to treat just tiny to medium sized bumps on the forehead and temples?

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I had that in the late Fall of 2007. My dermatologist prescribed me Retin-a Micro & Duac Topical Gel. It took a good 3-4 months.

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I had acne on just my forehead for about 8 years (age 11-17). I had about 50 bumps and they never went away. I used every home treatment available and even went to the dermatologists but nothing worked. Then when I turned 17, now I'm 18, I got so sick of it that I decided to go get accupuncure done. So, I was looking up accupuncture online on this chinese website and it said this:

if you break out on forehead, it is b/c of diet

chin is hormonal

and cheeks are usually genes and also a little hormonal

So, I cut down sugar completely. I was eating like 5 cookies a week and drinking 3-4 cokes a week so it was hard. I also started drinking 9 glasses of water a day. Within 2 months, my acne diminished 75%. After 5 months, its completely gine and I just have the occassional pimples or two but that usuaaly goes withing a week.

Now however, I've been breaking out on cheeks and chin but I cant help that b/c its my genes that suck. I think I am not going to ever reproduce b/c I dont want my kids to suffer.

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