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When is it classes as acne and not just spots?

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Hey everyone

Just came across this site while browsing for spot treatments (when I should be working!)

I'm 21 and seem to suffer with spots quite badly but not sure if it would be classed as acne. All of my friends have perfect, clear, blemish free skin (hate them all!) and they don't understand the distress it causes me. I'm definitely worse the week before my period (I'm on the pill which I don't think helps). I used to be on dianette contraceptive pill which can be used to control acne but you can only stay on that a maximum of 2 years so my doctor had to change my prescription to another pill. Even then I still had spots. I've tried various lotions and potions and creams from my doctor, none of which have made any difference really. I was just wondering at what point is it classed as acne?

Sorry about the essay!

Thanks guys


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The spotting could be caused by irritation. If you have few pimples and some red spots i suggest you go to this forum I'm 19 and my only problem is red spotting and 2-3 small pimples at a time. When i stopped using any face washes, creams and what not, it really started to clear up. I'm only about a week into this and i can already see a difference.

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