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Hi All,

Well i just stumbled across your forum, and have been reading up on some of your posts, and decided to register to see if any of you can help me?

My Problem:

I have had acne since i was 15. First of all it started really bad, all over my face especially forehead. My doctor put me on BP back then which helped.

I am now 21 and still get acne. It no longer appears on my forhead that much, just on my cheeks, neck, back and chest.

All over my body i can see little blackheads, and if i squeeze them, i get out a hard kind of plug or sometimes a curly load of puss. I don't get many whiteheads, just big lumps with heads on them.

What I Have Used:

I have been using BP on my face since day one, sometimes it helps and sometimes i am sure it just makes me worse (skin procuces more oil).

I have been to the doctor and have been pescribed doxycyline and oxytetracycline - neither have worked for more than a few months.

At the moment, i am just washing with water, moisturising with witch hazel, and using SudoCrem (baby bum cream) on my skin.

The SudoCrem seems to take the redness out of the spots and has reduced them a fair bit, but it is very thick, white and does not absorb into the skin.

ooh...and i have been on B5 for about a month, with no changes as yet

The only thing i use on my back and chest is Neutrogina Clean+Clear body wash -and this seems to be a waste of money!

Can ne1 give me any tips, or good products to try in the UK?

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