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I need a mascara for my wedding nexct month, and everytime I wear mascara (which is only about 3 times since I've started accutane) my eyes have gotten red and irritated. I want to start wearing one regularly now in the weeks leading up to my wedding so my eyes can get more used to it, but I need recommendations. I need a really gentle mascara. I have Clinique's gentle waterproof, but that caused problems too (it is about 2 years old though which may be a problem too)

Anyway any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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try almay. they make some hypoallergenic ones.

as for your clinique one, THROW IT OUT! don't ever use mascara thats more than a couple months old. once it starts getting thick, and smell different than it did when you first opened it, its time to get rid of it. bacteria grow inside the tube and can get into your eye if you apply the old mascara. that definitely wouldn't be helping your eye sensitivity. good luck & congrats :]

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thanks, I will give them a try.

while we're at it, any rec's for shadow liner? I plan to use that for my wedding too.

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thanks, I will give them a try.

while we're at it, any rec's for shadow liner? I plan to use that for my wedding too.

i use bare escentuals shadows as liners. smashbox makes a really good gel liner you may want to try. they're called "jetset" i think. just make sure you get a good liner brush. bare escentuals makes an amazing one.

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There is a great mascara called Kiss Me at Sophria.

It will NOT come off the normal way. It "tubes" your lashes and the only way to get it off us warm water while rolling your lashes from side to side.

I love this because I have allergies and I can cry and nothing comes off. its not like waterproof where it just looks sticky and its a pain to take it off.

I have found this to be the only Mascara I can use.

What makes my eyes so sensitive to mascara?

a- Running: If a mascara runs when exposed to moisture its dies and chemicals can enter the eye and cause irritation. Kiss Me mascara's unique formulation forms a tube around each lash, which prevents it from running.

b- Penetrating: Because conventional mascaras are essentially oil-based paints, and since oil penetrates the skin, most mascaras can bring their impurities to the root of the lash. A build up of these impurities or leaving these mascaras on for too long can trigger irritation or even infection. Also, many mascaras may gradually damage or even destroy contact lenses. The impurities and the oil components may create a film over, or stain, the lens and if not thoroughly cleaned may eventually ruin the lens. Kiss Me mascara coats each lash rather than painting it and it comes off without leaving any harmful tint or residue.

c- Excessive rubbing for removal: If your mascara leaves a tint that requires a lot of rubbing to completely remove, you can irritate the skin around the eye. Remember that the skin around the eye is much more delicate than that of the rest of the face. Kiss Me mascara is removed by very simply washing your face and applying gentle fingertip pressure to the lashes to remove the tubes that were formed.

d- Harsh eye make-up removers: Some make-up removers can irritate the eyes especially after repeated use. This is why it is recommended that women who wear mascara regularly use one that doesn't require a make-up remover. Kiss Me mascara provides the hold of a high performance water-resistant mascara yet only requires water and gentle pressure to come off.

Kiss Me mascara’s formulation allows it not to run yet still avoid the use of an eye make-up remover. For these reasons, it is a great solution to conventional mascaras for women with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. However, as with all cosmetic products, the user must monitor her body’s reaction and discontinue using a given product should any irritation occur.

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