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Can I use another moisturizer while on the regimen?

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The skin on my face around the corner of my mouth is gettting dry and flaky. I want carry a Jergen's Soothing Aloe Relief skin moisturizer around and use it when I go out, but I don't don't want to introduce a new variable into the method. I really have to use some new moisturizer because I don't want to go outside with flaky skin flying everywhere. Isn't Cetaphil the same as Dan's Moisturizer? Suggestions? :D

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Hi there. So you're dry around your mouth only, not all over? I would just use some extra moisturizer on these dry areas rather than a different product. If that doesn't help, a touch of Vaseline can work wonders.

But you're right, building in new variables before you're clear is not a good idea, and can lead to more breakouts, so your instincts are correct here.

Hope this help! :D

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Khrysalis- Are you refering to this vaseline?

It feels greasy, so I thought it might clog pores. I've heard it's non-comedogenic though!

Brandy-I was using Dan's moisturizer, but it it still made my skin a bit dry and flaky. I wanted to dry Cetaphil because I can buy it in 10 minutes.

I went out and brought Olay Sensitive skin. It has SPF, and I heard the the sun can cause breakout. I hope it wasn't a bad choice. :(

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Yea, Cetaphil almost always takes care of any dryness and flaking and it is on the product list.

If you have already bought Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin, that's fine to use (it's also on the product list) but it may not be enough to deal with the flaking and dryness. You still may need to add some jojoba oil to it.

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I've used Olay Sensitive Moisturizer when i'm out in the sun. You're right though, it doesn't help too much with the flakiness. I guess I will have to order jajoba oil. Anyone know where I can get a similar Jajoba oil locally?

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