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Hi all,

Ive been a lurker around here for several weeks!

I am a 23 yrs old and have been struggling to rid my acne since I was 16. I would consider it mild because I would only get about 5 whiteheads or less a week on average. But in my own mind i tend to think its severe because I am very critical of myself and hated the way I looked in the mirror! I've tried just about everything.

Now I am on Dan's Regimine and following it to a T!! its funny how leaving out one small thing like pat drying (I used to just allow to air dry) makes such a difference! Anyways

My Routine is:

Morning: Wash face w/ eucerin pore purifying foaming wash,

Apply Neutrogena 2.5% BP tinted formula all over, use clearasil total control all-day mattifying moisturizer, take Vitamins- E 2g, C 2g, B5 3g, B-complex, a daily multi, and a zinc 50mg

Night: Wash face w/ eucerin pore pufiying wash, apply Oxy sensitive skin 5% BP, clearasil moisturizer, and vitamins- E 1g, C 2g, B5 2g,B- comlex, daily multi, zinc 50mg.

... I still get a pimple here and there but I DONT PICK AT THEM!! my face is 95% clear... I'm hoping that taking the supplements will also even my skin tone and heal my red marks that are generally on my cheeks a few on my forehead as well as stop the overactive sebum glands, or stop the inflamation from occuring? i dont really know but everyone seems to think supplements help as well as the B5 so that is what I am doing.

My question is what does the Zinc do for your skin? anyone know? I've read what the others do. I know acne miracle even includes zinc in the pantoletic acid too so it most do something,


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I've read that it can help acne, and i've also read that it can make acne worse, and cause other problems when you take too much. :-k

It's mostly recommended to be taken at a dose of 15 or 30 mg, which is the amount you would get in a normal multivitamin. Taking a multi, plus an additional 50 mg may be too much.


I see now that you are actually taking all of those pills twice a day. That's overkill, man. You only need to take a multi-vitamin once a day. I also see that you are megadosing on B5. You only need to take one B-Complex a day to augment that. Taking too many of the other B vitamins can decrease the effectiveness of the B5. I'd also cut out the zinc supplements entirely, or at least only take one a day.

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I have taken a zinc complex every day in and off for the past 5 years and think that it has really worked to control my acne. I take 50mg a day of it, and have found that after taking it for about a month it really heals ur scars and helps ur skin look better. This is what I have found, however this is also one of the many things doctors recommend it for. Keep takin it and u will notice improvements eventually

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If you take more than 50 mg of zinc daily for a long time, you can build up too much zinc and a deficiency in Copper, i believe...that can have negative side effects

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