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Had my first Smoothbeam for Active Acne Today in SF Bay Area

Hey all,

I've learned so much from this board & have felt encouraged from all the posts to try smoothbeam. Since I learned so much from everyone's experiences, I wanted to post my own to help out! I have had active acne for about 10 years +. I am 28 now. I have tried everything short of accutane to fix these awful blemishes. grr! I usually have between 10 -30 active blemishes at any given time, usually worse around my time of the month, and the worst on my chin and around my mouth and neck. ugh!

My skin responded really well to the low carb/ low sugar diet, but it was nearly impossible for me to maintain, as I am really thin with a FAST metabolism and I found myself hungry all the time. (even if I ate tons and tons of food). I also felt I was depriving myself and it made me depressed.

I went to Pacific Dermatology in Pleasanton, CA (the only derm in the whole bay area that does smoothbeam!)

The staff was great, Dr. Fung was wonderful. They charged $100 for an initial consultation and $200 for one treatment on my face and entire neck! Thought that was a steal! He also gave me tons of free samples of retin a, duac and some cleansers.

First they put the numbing cream on my face and neck and then they had me rub it in myself to further penetrate the skin. I washed it off with a cleanser after 25 minutes. Then Dr. Fung performed the smoothbeam on a setting of 10. It didn't really hurt too bad, only a bit around my eyes. I was really nervous and scared of the pain, but it was definitely tolerable. I've had facials/ extractions that have hurt WAY more. Once that was done, they gave me some sunscreen for the car ride home.

I will be going back in 3 weeks and will probably have a total of 4 treatments, depending on how it goes. I'll be using a mild cleanser and retin a micro in the evening, with spot treating with duac in the morning for any blemishes I may get. So far, I can't really tell if anything is different (just got home about an hour ago), but I will keep you all posted on my progress. I especially wanted to share this with anyone in the bay area, since I know I had trouble finding a smoothbeam practitioner here.

I'll let you all know how it goes!


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Good luck with your treatment.........by the way, do you know any smoothbeam laser clinic in los angeles because i've been searching and i haven't found anything yet....thank you. smile.gif

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hey lulu00 did you go for your second treatment yet? how did it go? are you seeing improvement? i'm thinking about smoothbeam myself, but am a little nervous after reading some of the boards.

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