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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. I'm not. :rolleyes:

A little short story just to get my point across and to give you a picture of my skin type, if you want you can jump to the end:

A little more than a year ago from now, in spring of -07, long before I knew about Daniel's Regimen, I was having mild acne. Looking back at pictures from then, I don't know how I could even bother worrying about it, because it really wasn't anything more than a few occasional whitheads. But I started using BP 5% and by early summer, I had cleared up. The reason I used 5% is because I didn't know of anything else at the time, and in Sweden, where I live, the pharmacies only sell 5 and 10%, even recommending the 10% if no results turn out using only 5%.

As I had cleared up around June last year, I decided to stop using BP, as I had heard it was not good using when being exposed to the sun. It went quite well without it for some time, but after a few weeks some more showed up, and I decided to order ProActive. By August my face was a mess. So I tried B5 vitamin pills, to reduce sebum. I got them in September of -07, a time where the weather was slowly starting to become colder up here, and it turned out to be a disaster. The instructions said there could be some intital breakouts before results would turn out, so I continued. Not until a few months later did I realise that my face was completely dried out, and my acne, not as commony described a result of oily skin, but of dry and sensitive skin.

That's when I found Daniel's regimen, started to use it, but realised after a few months that all my sensitive skin needed in the winter was a fat (yes, fat, since pores were not a problem) moisturizer. After a forehead and kin full of red marks (that could be faded with baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar as recommended here in a helpful thread) things were slowly getting better this spring.

Now it's summer again and I don't know where to go. I obviously can't use a fat moisturizer, because now it is clogging my pores. All other moisturizers (since I live in Sweden I can't order Daniel's) that don't have any fat seem to have a lot of other stuff that irritate my skin. Can't even use the regular Nivea for Men one.

What I'm wondering is, and I thought some of you guys who also have sensitive skin might know, is it better, at this time of the year, to just don't be messing with the skin at all? It's true I started breaking out again last summer when I stopped using BP, but I think that might have been because of not shaving (that's right, NOT shaving, because after a while when I don't, it seems as if it gets easier for the pores to clog, I even saw a dermatalogist entry on the web confirming that.) I'm thinking that if I just wash my face with some sensitive face wash two times a day, keep shaving carefully, it might be better to not do anything more than going on another regimen, considering my very sensitive skin? It's a truely annoying situation. I'm sitting here now with a combination of newly broken out whiteheads and minor pustules in combination with some new red marks after having used some too harsh moisturizers, trying to prepare myself mentally for going to work tomorrow (holding a speeches in front of audiences, excellent!)

Wanted to hear if anyone has found themselves in a similar situation and what a good way might be to go on for the rest of the summer...

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So, now a few weeks have gone, and this is my current status: It's all cleared up.

You guys out there, I want you to remember one thing: There is no such thing as one way of treating acne. It turns out that my past year of using BP, proactive, B5 vitamine etc. only helped making things worse. Why? The sensitive skin type I have, which I assume can be categorized as dry and sensitive (although it's not really as dry in the summer as in the winter), can cause acne only if it is being messed with. And what you do when you use any of the treatments above, you mess with the skin. You dry it out even more. You irritate it. And that causes acne, instead of making it go away. Brilliant.

What I do now is the following:

1) I wash with a cleanser for sensitive skin. It has some TTO, and is very mild. So far I've been washing twice a day. I didn't wash it for 24 hours just lately and the skin looks better than ever, so maybe once a day will be enough. But then again, I live in not-so-warm-even-for-the-summer-Sweden.

2) I shave. And this is probably what has turned it all around for me. I didn't use to shave that often. I used to let it grow. And that turns out is the reason why, even though I knew my acne had a tendency to clear up when I didn't treat it with anything, I still used to go back to various treatments after a while; for some reason, when I let my beard grow, after a few days/weeks that causes acne. I don't know for sure if it's irritation or if it's oil gathering in the hair follicles and clogging pores. But what I do know is that it is a problem. So I shave every day or every second day; carefully with my electric razor.

3) I moisturize. I found a moisturizer I like a lot, it's called Clinique M Lotion for Men. In colour and smell it reminds a bit of the Nivea for Men Sensitive Skin moisturizer. The major difference is that it's thin and doesn't clog pores. It's also quite a lot more expensive, but it's worth it. It can be used perfectly as an after shave to ease irritation and as a regular moisturizer.

I just want to make clear - once again, what everyone probably already knows - that there are many different reasons why we get acne, and for some of us it can be as easy as washing, shaving and moisturizing in the right way to make the mess go away.

Keep it up everyone, it's only temporary.

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