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My skin (indented scars and acne) looks better today cus of

Im baffled....my scarring isnt or wasnt always bad...I developed scars in the past 7 months...and ive had acne for the past year or 2...i always had it but it just got worse this year ...I started an antibiotic, benzyl peroxide and retin Amicro and my acne has def improved but then I was left with a good amount of scars some kind of deep, some shallow and a few icepicks MAYBE...anyway ive done 50% TCA cross 2 times so far and I think I got a little improvement from that but I wanted to tell you all...2 days ago I bought a 6 pack of luigi's lemon water ice and me being a pig...i had 3 that day and 3 yesterday...I wake up this morning and my skin looks so different, the quality, texture and even my scars look a little better and I have 1 tiny zit thats all...Im wondering if this stuff helps...I know drinking lemon juice does, plus this stuff is loaded with sugar but wow....im baffled!

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The only thing I can think of is that you're really well hydrated now. Water Ice has a lot of water, and maybe you need to drink more H20. Also, I think Rita's water Ice has some real lemon in there, so maybe Luigi's does too.

Now I want water ice biggrin.gif Not for scars either...I just love it!

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I can definitely attest to the more water=better looking skin. We cut out all caffeine and diet sodas so my water intake has gone through the roof and my skin is softer and more radiant. Even my husband commented that his skin felt softer since the increase in H2O.

Yea Water!!user posted image

I use lemon, lime and a 100% cranberry juice mix to perk up the taste. Not all at once though. If you need to sweeten it a little I recommend Stevia Plus...it is an all natural herb that is 6 times sweeter than sugar with no fat, no carbs and does not register on the glycemic index. My tip for the day! user posted image

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