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:) Hi all,

I ordered Dan`s regimen today, so while I am waiting for it to arrive, I wanted to start my log.

About me...

I had gorgeous skin all through high school, I don`t remember even having one zit. I didn`t take care of my skin, I didn`t eat that well, but my skin was always clear.

I got a great, steady boyfriend when I was 17 and went on the pill. That was great too!

Until a week after my 21st birthday. I collapsed on the floor and was rushed to hospital. The doctors found a blood clot in my brain and ordered me to stop taking the pill. I had suffered a minor stroke, but I was young and healthy and recovered completely.

On my doctor`s orders, I stopped taking the pill, and that`s when it all started going downhill.

Since then, my skin has gone from crystal clear to cringe-worthy... :cry:

I have literally tried everything (detox, chinese medicine, proactive, murad, microdermabrasion, antibiotics, creams, lotions and more...) I can`t imagine how much money I have spent on acne treatments in the last 6 years (now I am 27), but I am ready to give up.

I came across this website a few days ago and after reading some of the other regimen logs, decided that trying one more thing couldn`t hurt. Now I am just waiting for it to arrive.

I now live in Osaka, Japan, so it might take a while. I will update you all soon...

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Wow! I'm sorry about the stroke and having to go off the pill. Did they check you for clotting disorders at that time, like MTHFR mutation or anything like that? Women who have that can't take the pill, unfortunately. I can't take the pill because I'm trying to get pregnant, so my skin has been a mess too. I've been on Dan's regimen for about three weeks now. The products are good quality, but I'm not seeing fast results, which I'm not expecting. I want to give it at least unil the end of summer to do something. Good luck to you with DKR! :)

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OK here goes...!!

I am super excited :D , just got home from the crappiest day at work, and the worst skin day ever (well, no, that`s every day recently) to find Dan`s regime in my mailbox! YAY!

So I ran to the bathroom to wash my face and get started, and the lightbulb in the bathroom blew when I switched it on. I`m not really superstitious, but hope that`s not a bad sign.

Anyway, re-watched the application videos (what I dork I am) to make sure I did everything right, and think it went ok. I am not sure if the cleanser removed all my makeup though... hmm... hope its all gone.

Wish me luck.

I`ll check back in with you all in a few days.

p.s. although my sign-in name is `japan_girl` I am not Japanese, I just live here in Japan and love all things Japanesey, so that`s the reason why... sorry to disappoint...

p.p.s. I did take some `before` pictures to track my progress, but they are hideous. I promise to post them if I get some improvement.

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hey, i normally find dans cleanser gets all my make up off if im just wearing liquid stuff, but if i wear mineral powder sometimes i find i need to use a little jojoba oil too. what kind of make up are you wearing? double check its all oil free and non comedogenic!

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Hi again,

Well, I am on day 3 of Dan`s regimen and already feeling a little better. There are no new spots on my face - that`s new, and the other ones are getting smaller!!

I told one of my totally clear-skinned friends about the regimen and she was supportive! I have never really been so positive about skin care before, so I really hope it all works out for me.

I`ll post again in a few days - hopefully it`s still all going well!!

Take care everyone! xx

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Hi there,

Just wanted to wish you luck with the regimen! I am waiting for my supplies to arrive so also starting soon. I noticed you have switched to a non-dairy diet, are eating less sugar and are drinking green tea - I also changed my diet in these ways last week as I figured it can do no harm, and hopefully will help...

Good luck! :)

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Day 4

Well, I guess it`s the beginning of the `It gets worse before it gets better` stage.

There are lots of little whiteheads all over my face today - even on my forehead - where I don`t usually break out - ewwwwww!

I promised myself I wouldn`t get discouraged... So... :rolleyes: Thinking positive!

Thanks for all the support guys. It means a lot.

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Don't worry, my skin went through its "worse stage" for over two weeks, but the results I'm seeing now are so worth sticking with it. Good luck.

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1 week

Well, 1 week has passed since I started using Dan`s regimen. I have only been using the BP at night, and the cleanser and moisturiser both morning and night.

Today I used the BP in the morning for the first time, and hope to see some improvements. I don`t have much new acne, but ALL the old ones are coming out with a vengeance :cry:

I know that this regimen isn`t a miracle or anything, but I guess I was hoping for more dramatic results. Still, I don`t plan on giving up and will keep at it until I get what I want...

aaaaaagggghhh! Sometimes I just want to scream when I look at myself in the mirror. I really wish there was an easy answer.

Sorry for rambling.

:confused: me

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3 weeks

Well I have been sticking at Dan`s regimen for 3 weeks now and haven`t seen any big changes :cry:

I am using one full pump of BP in the morning and evening and my face is really red and flaky. It looks like I am really sunburnt as well as covered in bumps...

The area around my jawline and chin is the worst. There are also lots of bumps on my cheeks. My forehead is pretty much clear, which is nice I suppose.

I am getting a bit depressed after reading all the success stories on this site... Why is it taking so long? I won`t give up though. I really want this to work and I want to be clear skinned soon!!

On a side note, all the healthy eating I have been doing (no dairy, less sugar and no coffee) has made me lose 3kg... so that might be a bonus.

Fingers crossed that my next post will be much improved.

Take care everyone.

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Don't give up!

It took me a month before seeing improvements.. :redface:

I think it depends on each person's skin. :shifty:

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It`s almost been 4 weeks since I started Dan`s regimen and although I am yet to see the results I want, I will keep sticking at it.

I also started drinking probiotic drinks (2x a day) yesterday as I have been doing some research on Candida and acne. Thought it couldn`t hurt.

Candida symptoms:

* Acne, eczema, rashes, itchy skin, easy bruising, a sense of skin crawling.

* Constipation and/or diarrhoea, often misdiagnosed as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), abdominal pain, back pain.

* Muscle aches, joint weakness.

* Chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing.

* Weak and discoloured nails.

* Dental problems.

* Panic attacks, mood swings, depression, need to cry for no reason, inability to make decisions.

* Chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, post-nasal drip, migraine, headaches, ear ache. extreme tightness in neck and shoulders.

* Feeling spacey, unbalanced/uncoordinated, blurred vision, heavy eyes.

* General chilliness, cold hands and feet.

* Irritability or shakiness when hungry.

* Feeling lethargic drained.

Thanks everyone for the support. It really means a lot :D

I had a major breakdown in front of my bf two days ago. He wanted to go out and I said `No` because I felt like crap and didn`t want anyone to see my gross face. My lovely bf was so worried about me and said there was no way that my skin would improve if I was stressed and worried. I guess he has a point although it`s hard to listen to someone who has never had a blemish in their life!!

Another update soon.

Me :angel:

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4 Weeks

I feel dreadful.

There has been no improvement and its been a month.

I decided to post some pics to see if anyone had some advice for me... WARNING they are too gross and makeup free. :( Sorry

4 weeks ago - only affects my cheeks and chin / basically my forehead is clear...


Does anyone have any advice?

I am following Dan`s regimen closely. I use 2 pumps of BP at night and 1 pump in the morning because my skin tends to be dry. I also use Dan`s cleanser and moisturiser.

Helllllp. I hate looking so terrible. I don`t want to leave the house - but I have to go to work every day. It sucks.

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hey just stick with it, thats all i can say, you look like you have quite moderate acne which may take a little longer to see improvement but stick it out and keep positive. have a look through some of the photos of before and after pics as they should give you some encouragement.

in the mean time have you thought about trying a birth control to help along with the process? or if you wear make up maybe switching to something like minerals could help and not aggrevate your skin so much?

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