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baby pink

minocycline or bactrim?

I was on Doxycycline, 100mg/day. In the four weeks I was on it, gave me a bad breakout on my chest and arms and I'm sure elsewhere. I was not pleased so I went off it. I'm conversing with the dermatologist who is filling in for mine about possibly switching birth control pills and she told me to up the dosage to twice a day to combat a terrible hormonal break out I'm getting from Alesse.

I told her that I had finished the one month of Doxy and that my derm had told me not to continue antibiotics. This dermatologist told me I could switch to minocycline as it is generally more effective for acne, and that she could fill the prescription for me now if I wanted.

Doxy broke me out pretty bad. Side effects were nothing I couldn't handle though. BUT I'm wondering if I should try Minocycline or ask for Bactrim. It seems that more people here prefer Bactrim to the tetracyclines but I don't know.. can anyone share some success/failure stories for either?

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Bactrim is the only thing that has EVER worked for me, and trust me, I've tried nearly everything (including minocycline)! I love Bactrim because it has no side effects (well, for most people) and it works relatively quickly. I use it in combination with 0.3 Differin and the two together are unstoppable. :D Just a suggestion, but I had pretty moderate/severe acne so I would imagine it would clear you up quite nicely. Good luck with your decision!

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Yes I would like to know how you do on the bactrim Duchamp. I am on that now 1 pill 800 mg a day. So far I will say I dont have maybe as many cysts but my skin still has pimples that dont seem to go away.

I am also using finacea gel and azelex cream (experimenting to see which formulation works best) He gave me clindamycin also but that seemed to really make my forehead super rough (unless it was the azelex cream) I wish I had just introduced one at a time and then maybe I could tell better.

I started using head and shoulders shampoo and my scalp has really stopped getting pimples and my neck is much better. So I may try it on my back which looks bad but no real breakouts just cleaning up the old ones.

I just wish I would see more happening with the bactrim. The only thing that has worked for me in the past was accutane and I took two courses of that but it came back this year.

Its been 3 weeks, I know I have to be patient, but it seems to work fast for everyone.

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