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so how do you know which diet is right for you?

Through reading these message boards, it seems like people have success from drastically different diets. On one end of the spectrum, some people are getting clear from these low-fat low-GI diets. Then there are other people whose diets are high in fats like meat, eggs, and oils but very low in carbs. Other people have success cutting out allergen foods, treating candida, taking supplements, basically there are so many different "success" diets but a lot of them have key differences.

Now, I have more symptoms than just acne. But in any case, my acne is moderate in type mostly but I have hundreds and hundreds of pimples on my face, a little less on my back, some on the chest, you get the picture. Female, 21, acne since I was 11. Extremely sensitive skin. I also suffer from IBS (severe), fatigue, anxiety/mild depression/stress, not overweight but pudgy and difficult losing weight, urinary frequency, severe cramping during thattimeofthemonth, hair thinning/loss (although i have some body hair that sucks that i would like to get rid of), not great eyesight, the list goes on.

As of now, my androgen levels tested as normal I believe, I don't have celiac disease, they haven't found food allergies (though I'm not convinced that I'm being tested properly) so they haven't found an underlying problem yet though there does seem to be one right?

I'm on prescription topicals, birth control pills, trying out certain supplements, getting expensive PDT treatments and.. nothing. My skin doesn't get better.

Things that aren't in my diet are: meat, dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, junk food, refined sugars, you get the picture there.

what is in my diet right now is: veggies, fruits (grapefruit, apple, berries, lemon, tomatoes, avocados--lower sugar fruits), grains (brown/wild rice and McCann's Irish oatmeal), flax seeds, unsweetened soy yogurt, almond or rice milk (unsweetened), only oils I have are extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil, I drink at least three cups of rooibos tea a day, lots of water too. so.. anyone of these things could be a culprit or could be helping.. I don't know for sure.

I'm trying supplements like Zinc, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, MSM.. not sure if they'll help at all.

So, short of going on a water and apple fast how do I know what changes to make to my diet? Cause I'm being serious.. nothing in 10 years seems to have worked for me.

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This is the rough process I went through:

1. Lowered the GI of my diet; cut out fast food, "vending machine food", etc. Switched to whole-grains whenever I used grains.

2. Took out common allergens--wheat, dairy, soy, eggs--and identified which broke me out (the wheat and the dairy did).

3. I continued following the FDA's advice, however this time around there was no dairy or wheat in my diet.

4. I saw the theory of saturated fat versus polyunsaturated fat. Slowly, I removed the vegetable oils from my diet and instead added in more saturated fat from meat and butter.

5. I did more research on everything, and found out that insulin resistance and acne go hand in hand.

6. I started researching insulin resistance a lot, and from the information I gained from it, I reduced the carbohydrate content of my diet somewhat, started exercising, and I took minerals like zinc, magnesium, and chromium

7. This eventually lead me into researching the Paleo diet theory, which advocated eating no grains at all. I took this advice, and joined a low-carb support forum, where I read about how important fat is to a Paleo diet.

8. That's pretty much it, but to this day I keep reseraching and I remain open to all new ideas (but thus far, I haven't seen any evidence that there's a healthier diet for me out there).

I think that where people start going on different diets is somewhere around Step 5, when they figure out what their individual symptoms are and what kind of diet is right for them.

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#1- Focus more on adding foods rather than avoiding foods. The biggest problem I see on this site is ppl reading that a certain food affects one person so next thing you know everyone on here is avoiding it. My skin got perfect when I started adding in all the stuff I had previously cut out. Unless you have a direct reaction to a food I would say don't avoid it. This makes it easier to stick to a diet and takes away lots of stress. I found I can handle sprouted grains but not regular bread/wheat prducts. I can tolerate raw milk, but not pateurized crap. If I soak nuts I can eat them, but raw or roasted break me out. FInd what works for you, not for everyone else.

#2- Do what makes you feel good. No one can say any diet will work for you. Really think about how every meal makes you feel to determine which foods have a positive or negative impact on your energy, mood, etc.

#3- Take everyone's claims with a grain of salt. There are ppl on this board who have been "clear" numerous times in the past 6 months, only to come back with some new-fangled cure, next thing you read they have acne again or have another "cure". SO before you really make a change to your diet/lifestyle I suggest looking at the poster's history. You may be suprised to see how many "cures" they have discovered in the past 6 months.

#4- SOme may argue with this, but I npticed you do not eat meat and I know when I was vegetarian my skin was HORRIBLE! I think some meat could certainly benefit you. If yo are reluctant to eat meat I suggest buying organic grass-fed meat. I do not buy industrial meat b/c I can not support an industry that treats animals that way. You can at least be sure this way the animal lived a happy, and pretty natural life.

Good luck, and Im sure you will find what works for you!

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Try eliminating things still in your diet one by one. Especially common allergens. How long have you been following this diet? Maybe you should try adding some fish.

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Here is my advice, don't get dietary advice from "experts" on a message board. If you want some advice on your diet, try and get some qualified advice. You could do serious harm to yourself with some of the diets on these boards.

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