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I will be going to the Ocean in a few weeks. I am on my 5th month at 80 mg. Has anybody gone to the beach while on accutane. How did you manage with the sun problem. I really dont want my vacation to be ruined. Please, any advice is appreciated.

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Wear a sun hat and apply sunscreen constantly throughout the day!

Oh and get a lip balm with SPF in it.

I agree! I just got back from the lake and even though I put sunscreen on like every 2 hours I still got burned. Also I got a chapstick with SPF in it and it made my lips so dry so maybe put on the SPF chapstick then some aquaphor over it. Sunscreen like every hour!!!! Today is my 3rd day back from the beach and my sunburn still itches and burns like crazy so be careful. One thing I told myself is that I will not this medication change the way I live my life. I understand your skin is sensative while on ze tane but you have to ennjoy yourself so just have fun and apply sunscreen like crazy!!!!!

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I just got back from the beach a week ago and have been on accutane for a month. I got a big brimmed fishing hat, aveeno baby block, since alot of things have been burning my skin, and bed bath and beyond had a sun tent 4 20 bucks which shaded me more than a umbrella. I stayed in the water alot and never got burned. I tanned nicely. So good luck

oh yea I'm on 40mg a day

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