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Topical B5 and honey....for cysts

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Hi everyone. I have been lurking here for quite a while. I have moderate cystic acne that I have been able to control pretty well by much of what I have learned from this and 'another' website. I do not know what exactly is working beause I do a few different things but basically...I take B5 x 4-6 grams a day, 30mg of zinc, 1000mg of C, and a good EFA...topically I alternate between Alpha Hydrox 10%, Paula's hoice 1% or 2% BHA. And I ALWAYS moisturize with Eucerin Renewal. Every Sunday I give my skin a break...in the morning I mask with Queen Helene's and then moisturizer thoroughly with warm olive oil, which I leave on my face all day. Before bed I wash gently and apply Eucerin Renewal. NOW...my problem is cysts. I NEVER get whiteheads. I had perfect skin up until about 10 years ago when I got Norplant birth control. They had to remove the capsules from my arm within 3 months I had such horrible side effects...and I developed cystic acne. The above regimen has me down to only one cyst every month or so, but as anyone with cysts knows, even this can be a pain in the a#@$&%... I am interested in the topial honey/B5 combination and would like to hear if anyone has tried this? Here is an interesting link that talks about both. Also doea anyone know of ANY product that kills bacteria like BP...BP makes my skin look and feel horrible...I can't use it.



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