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cutting dose in half for the last month

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So I am living in China but will be returning to the states the first week of July. I started Accutane on April 9th at 30mg a day. The next month I did 60mg and now I am at 80mg. My doctor will be giving me the last month perscription at my next appointment. He pretty much prescribes what ever I ask for and does not even require I take blood tests although I usualy bring it up and have it done anyway. My doctor is actualy American but he is not a dermotologist and there are no laws here or strict regulations regarding Accutane so I guess he doesnt think it is a big deal.

Anyway my question is-

Would it be advisable for me to take 40mg my last month? I would reach the cumulative dose so I think it would be ok but wanted to double check what others thought. I will be returning home right before my birthday and anticipate some drinking. I thought it might be better to decrease my dose to be a little nicer to my liver. Also I will be with my boyfriend soon and thought 40mg would mean less chapped lips and better hair etc. What do you think?

Also Ive read you should be clear (ideally) for a month and a half before ending Accutane. Does that mean clear of cysts or completely clear of everything? I ask because I have been clear of cysts for a few weeks but still get whiteheads.

Ugh. I had another question but now I cant remember what it was.

Thanks in advance

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Whenever you lower your dose your side effects will decrease somewhat or even significantly. From 80mg to 40mg I think that your lips will improve a lot.

Who says you have to be clear a month 1/2 before quitting? That's bullshit! Some people don't even clear until after they get off of it.

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