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Subcision works for me

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I've done four subcisions recnentlly (about 2 months ago) and the results are great. 60-70% improvement. I've waited awhile to post results. For other procedures I've seen micro-swelling for weeks afterwards and it's easy to fool yourself. BTW : The spots are still a little red, but this is to be expected and I'm fine with it.

Some of the spots - I've done previous TCA cross.

One subcision may not be enough. In a month a two I will do another on one of the scars. But I am happy with the progress so far.

I think the results are also good because of a topical regime I'm using of tretinoin at night and an ascorbic acid mixture I mix fresh every morning. Vit C (ascorbic acid) isn't stable and quickly degrades in liquid - so mixing it fresh ensures potency.

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Glad to see that subcision work for you. But could you elaborate a little more about your treatement? How much time did you space your four subcision?

By the way, I will very pleased if you comment my situation (thinking of doing subcision) in my topic. It's just listed below.


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my doc used subsicion then temp flller right after..i like hearing the popping or snapping thats how the scar frees up from what i understand...It seems like subsicion and needling are very similar aren't they?

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i saw one doc and he said he can't do the temple area subcision or excision because of nerves i see another doc this week

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