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syrup face

Oily skin, can't get it under control

Ok so I'm pretty much not getting pimples anymore. I guess I would attribute that to my [mostly] healthy diet. But I just can't seem to get my oily skin under control. I've always had super oily skin prone to blackheads and small bumps, and this hasn't changed.

The ONLY two things that have ever worked for me are DIM & Accutane. The problem is that DIM only worked for a week or so, and Accutane messes with my mental state when I take it (even low doses like 10mg). Plus I can't take accuatane forever, obviously.

My diet right nowis all home cooked stuff, no junk, no sugars, candy, sodas, etc. I pretty much eat eggs, bacon, sausage (not too fatty or overprocessed stuff), bowl of cereal, serving of fruit in the morning. Then for dinner its usually a steak and/or chicken, vegetables, maybe rice or beans, and another serving of fruit. I drink only water and sugar free drinks.

Do you guys think that it's the carbohydrate intake that is causing my oily skin?? I'm not eating that much carbs (maybe around 70-100mg a day).

I'm guessing that its an overflow of androgen hormones thats causing this problem -- but could the only culprite be carboyhydrates/insulin response?? Could there be something else? Anyone have any ideas?

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Try to get rid of cereals/grains and dairy and see if it helps? Also, get good sleep. That's all I can recommend. My skin gets oily mid-day, but I managed to prevent that a few times (or at least reduce it). One week I was eating only pasta and apples, and today now that I'm on paleo diet it wasn't as bad as usual (no grains no dairy, etc.).

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I find that anything that spikes my blood sugar/insulin causes my skin to become more oily and anything that doesn't cause a spike makes my skin less oily. I would try cutting out the obvious things like cereal, legumes and rice and double check the sausage to make sure it doesn't contain trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. Lean meats can also cause insulin spikes so I try to stick to fattier cuts. The other thing that can help a lot is doing things to improve insulin sensitivity like strength training if you are not already. Decreasing any excess body fat also improves insulin resistance. So basically the idea is the less insulin resistant you are, the less circulating insulin in your blood, the less androgens your body will produce, resulting in less sebaceous gland stimulation and less oily skin.

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