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patrick c

My own log. Let the journey begin....

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Wrote this on another msg board but it seems pretty dead over there so here we go over here. :P This was posted the other day so day 6 update coming right after this post!


Hi all. Just wanted to post. Great to see a community where we are all basically in the same boat.

Well, started on accutane about 5 days ago. Ive had acne since I was about 16 and im now 29. Ive waited a looooong time to go on accutane. Been on antibiotics for over 10 years. And its kept it pretty under control for all that time. But in the last 6 months my breakouts have been getting worse and worse for no reason. Sure, im stressed about life in general, but ive always stressing over something and its never been this bad. So I switched to a new doctor, and we tried a few different things over the past 6 months and nothing at all. Stayed the same. So about a month ago he said I should go on accutane, I told him I would think about it. So I was actually thinking I wasnt going to do it and then I had the worst breakout ive had in the past 10 years. I dont know what the hell happened, but I was looking at my face one night and I just thought to myself.. im 29, why am i dealing with this? This is crazy. So during my next checkup I told him I would do it, went and got my bloodwork done and started on it last week.

So there is the back story. Anyways, 5 days in. Nothing really to report. I havent really started to dry out that badly,. then again.. it has been in the 100s around here lately, so who could tell?

One strange thing did happen today... I was washing my face and I noticed my right eye was a little bloodshot. Btw, I do wear contacts. And up to this point it really wasnt bothering me. So I took my contacts out and my eye was fine in a few hours. Odd thing is, my eye didnt hurt at all. Ive also had a few minor headaches, but I just took some Motrin for that. Hopefully thats the right thing to take. Any ideas? I still have some new acne coming up but nothing I would call a breakout, just normal crap. I have it really bad on my shoulders as well, so im definately waiting for that to stop and go away.

Im REALLY fearing this initial breakout. Im a general manager where I work and I know its going to be hell for awhile. But nothing yet. Is it possible that Im not going to look like an alien soon? Can I actually not have an IB? I asked my doctor and he said it could happen because ive been on medication for years and alot of the junk that would have been being pushed out, is already out. He said everyone reacts differently.

Well there is my update. Ill write again in a few days. Hope to hear from you all and good luck to everyone else.

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Day 6 Update:

Nothing really new. A few interesting things though. Like i said in the last post, its been over 100 here the last few days so im not sure what it is.. the heat, or the medicine. But ive been VERY VERY oily the past few days. Mind you, ive been sitting in my air conditioned apartment and it looks like ive been running around outside. More driving around today, and I just feel hot right now. Once again.. AC on, in my room, and i just feel hot. Like ive been out in the sun all day even though I havent.

My face is looking ok. A few new ones, very small though. Still healing up from the mother of all breakouts i had a few weeks ago. My back however, not so good. Previously, it was pretty much confined to my shoulders and now its seems to be all over my back. Big, huge, painful ones at that. My shoulders really do look disgusting. I cant wait for it to clear up there.

The headaches have gone away pretty much didnt even to take any meds for that. I do wear contacts and it looked like yesterday evening that my eye was getting bloodshot. Woke up this morning and it was gone.

Is it actually possible I wont get this IB? Its been driving me nuts waiting on a disaster. Oh well. I think thats about it. I took my medicine kinda close today. My meals were screwed up. I had lunch at around 1230pm and then dinner at 530. It seemed kinda close to be taking them but I dont plan on eating anymore today.

Ill be back tomorrow with another update.

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Welcome to the boards!

You're pretty much bound to get an IB to some degree. From there on, you'll get the occasional breakout, but don't confuse that with an IB. An IB is a one time deal. You have it once and then everything else is just a normal breakout. Don't get too down about all of that though. It's not worth the energy. In order for the Tane to work, you need to breakout. Just stay positive and remember you're doing this for the end result, not instant gratification.

Best of luck!

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Day 10 Update:

Lots of weirdness. Thats all I can say. lol. nothing too bad though. I was expecting hell. My lips are really dry all the time, gotta keep using aquaphor. It feels soooo nice once you put it on. My face isnt really THAT dry. Its kinda strange actually. My face around days 7 and 8 was really, really oily. I had to keep washing it every few hours because it was just looking ridiculous. Still waiting on this IB. and actually, for the past 5 days my face had been clearing up then last night i got a pretty nasty one to the right of my nose. Its not sure of what its going to do. lol. its one of those tweeners. dont know if its just gonna go away or turn into something huge. However, i did get two pimples on my face during the week but it wasnt like the ones ive ever had before... they were there and then they kinda werent. that area of my face really hurt but there was no mark and it just went away after a few days. never had that happen before.

still using the brevoxyl8 when i go to sleep. i figure ill use it until i cant use it anymore. so far, its been fine. anyone know of this is a terrible practice? my doctor said stop everything but i figured i would keep using to try to stifle the IB a little bit or help clear it up.

Oh yea, one more thing before i go. the other area in question on my body are my shoulders and the very top half of my back. and around day 7 i started getting some all over my back, where i usually dont get them. and it looks pretty crappy back there now. so hopefully thatll be clearing up soon.

eventually im gonna take some pix. thats all for now.

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Day 13 Update:

Not much to report. Dry lips continue. My contacts are starting to get on my nerves near the end of my day. My back and shoulders continue to break out. And im not sure if this is an actual IB but I have one really crappy one on my face and a few other smaller ones, but thats about it. Previous to a few days ago I actually thought I was clearing up quickly. I have been really, really tired at night though. When I attempt to stay up late, I just get totally exhausted. Which is kind of a good thing because Im pretty terrible with my sleep so maybe this will help correct it. Thats all for now, Ill check in again soon. Hopefully with some pix.

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Day 14 Update:

2 weeks in! Im not sure if this is my IB or not. But something is going on. Im extremely dry all over. Itching and all that. But back to that IB, its kinda odd. Its like my face wants to break out, and it seems like its gonna be horrible, then i go to sleep.. wake up, and it seems like its going away. IT seems like the pimples that would have exploded all over my face before just arent. I know I keep saying this is odd and this is strange.. but that kinda sums it all up honestly. Weirdness. lol.

On another note, I keep waking up with headaches and it really sucks. I guess I need to drink more water. Im not sure what it is. But as soon as I get up and get something to drink, it goes away without medicine. Contacts REALLY getting on my nerves today. I have to keep closing my eyes for a few seconds. I guess the medicine is really kicking in now.

Oh yea, back and shoulders still the same. Breaking out and looking like crap.

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Day 33 Update:

Sorry. Computer died and couldnt get online for a bit but im back now. Anyways, just a short update for now. On my way to my derm appt in a few minutes. Things have been pretty good. Going through my IB now, I take it. A few days ago my face looked so bad. It hasnt looked that terrible in the last ten years. However, it seems to be getting better. My shoulders are looking really good. The left side has no actives at all and healing up nicely. Right side and back has a few actives but they are drying up and going away. Lots of dryness of the lips and contacts are still an issues. Only bad thing is because of the July 4th holiday, I was without medication for about 2 days. My doctor said its not a big deal but its annoying to me for some reason. Blackheads finally coming off of my nose and my pores still look huge. Well, Ill give a detailed update when I get back from the derm. Hope all is going well for everyone else.

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Day 40 Update:

Well, my shoulders and back were starting to clear up. Lots of redness but no actives and as soon as I started thinking.. wow, look how clear.. i get another breakout. lol, kinda funny. Its a small one, but still. Face is coming along ok I guess. Still have some actives.. one on the right side of my face really hurts so hopefully it goes away quickly. I actually thought I was going to have my first bloody nose yesterday.. I went to go blow my nose and I noticed some blood but nothing ever happened. My throat and nose are always dry so ive actually been sucking on some Halls lately and that seems to make it alot better. Other than that, n othing new to report. Just waiting to see something earth shattering happen. One more thing, blackheads are slowly going away on my nose. Its very odd to actually see my nose without blackheads on it. A welcome change though.

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Day 61 Update:

Well just about to finish up 2 months. Things starting to improve... slowly. My face is starting to clear up a bit. I havent had any cystic acne on my face in well over a month, just little minor flare ups and some whiteheads. Only issue is waiting for my old breakouts to fade away. Its highly annoying. Some of it goes away quickly, other areas just seem like they sit. Anyone have any good ideas on how to help the process? Besides surgery, that is. :< Thank god i have no deep marks on my face, just redness that wont seem to go away.

Now the back and shoulders area is totally different. It keeps going through the same cycle it seems. It will clear up and then flare up. Clear and flare, clear and flare. It really does look like a mess. Even when the actives calm down and go away, the redness of old breakouts is ridiculous. I know it seems like alot of complaining, but sometimes I really do get tired of this crap. Then I realize why Im on this stuff to begin with. I notice alot of you say around 3 - 4 months you start to really notice a change and it seems like something like that is coming, especially on my face. So we will see. Dont really see the point to every day updates so Ill check back in in a week or two hopefully. But once again.. would love come ideas on how to help along the process of healing old acne redness/scars. Whatever you want to call them. What lotions are best and is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks again and good luck to everyone else.

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Good luck! Once you're off Accutane, you can get peels to help the red marks fade. Now, besides tinted moisturizers and cover-ups, there aren't too many options for making the red marks look much better. At least Accutane will stop us from getting new ones. =]

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Day 62 Update:

Sorry very bored at work so I figure I would update again. I will look into those facial peels. Im going to give it a few months though and see how much they fade. From what I can tell alot of the redness disappears once you go off of the medicine, so we will see.

Anyways, I go to my doctors appointment tomorrow but we will have to see what he says. I shaved yesterday so of course, as usual, I had two whiteheads when I woke up this morning. I have to ask the doctor about this, there has got to be away to NOT have a minor breakout everytime I shave. I do notice that they are getting less extreme as the weeks pass. A few months ago after I would shave... good lord. Not pretty. One good thing I have cut down on is the touching of the face. I dont know when it started but it became so ridiculous I would catch myself touching my face for no reason whatsoever. I know I never used to do that so it had to start within the past year or so when I really started to break out badly.

The horror story thats going on on my back seems to be going away slowly but surely. Im starting to think that will be the true test of when the medicine really starts to work. When things start to fade on my back, then ill be sold on this medicine. Right now... im not sure. I know im only two months in but i dont know.... Im not sold on it yet. Talk to everyone soon.

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Day 69 Update:

Well, Ive started to notice a few things. I am getting some minor breakouts on my face but no new really annoying cystic acne. The only issue is, when I do get a minor whitehead, it just gets so red and annoying, even though its really nothing. Goddamn this redness!! its so annoying, and the healing is sooooo slow. So basically im just dealing with minor outbreaks and redness. But back to the interesting thing that ive noticed... i used to break out on my forehead, sometimes with really painful cysts, and I used to break out on my nose which would be TERRIBLY embarrassing sometimes. Now about two months ago that all stopped. And I havent gotten anything there at all. However, it seems like its switched. Like I said, no more cysts, but I keep getting whites to the left and right of where my mouth is, almost on my cheek area. I never used to break out there at all. Its really, really annoying. But like I said last post.. everyone talks about the 3 - 4 month range they start to see sudden change.. so im hoping. And I seriously must stop touching my face. I dont know really how much that affects your face but I do it way too much.

My back and shoulder area is still questionable. So no new updates with that.

Same old side effects. Sometimes wearing contacts is extremely painful but i refuse to wear glasses. Lips get dry quickly, and they are amazing dry when I wake up after sleeping. And it sometimes hurts to get out of bed on the morning.. but as soon as im up and around the pain goes away.

I tried taking pix with my cellphone but you really cant even tell that I have acne, so I gotta get a real cam. :P Ill update again soon. Good luck to everyone else.

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Day 74 Update:

My face, seemingly, is really starting to clear up. But I dont really buy it yet. :P I currently have no actives on my face just stuff healing up and scabbing over. Starting tomorrow, Monday, Im going to start keeping count of any significant actives I get. Should be interesting. One thing I did start this week was drink a ridiculous amount of water. I thought I was drinking enough before but I noticed I started to get some really crappy pain all over my body after waking up or sitting for awhile. I sat and watched a rather long movie the other night and didnt get up during the whole thing, when I went to get up at the end I felt like I was 80 years old. So a few days ago I started drinking tons of water and im starting to feel better. Only thing Im worried about is washing the medicine out of my system. Or is that even possible? Anyone?

Im doing well with not touching my face for now. That might be leading to the clearing as well. It was getting out of control, I felt like I had a minor case of OCD. :P Maybe I did, who knows.

My back is still kinda crappy. My doctor said that is the last part of your body that accutane will affect. So, i dunno. I have a bad habit with popping anything that comes up on my shoulders or back. Even if its not ready to pop, Ill force it. I think that is really leading to everything looking like shit. So Im going to totally stop that, even if it has a whitehead on it. Im not touching it.

Side effects are the same old stuff. Dry lips, dry eyes, a little blood in my nose, some joint pain, and one minor headache this week. Ill check back in a few days. Good luck.

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Day 76 Update:

Well, it seems things are starting to change. I dont want to get overly excited just yet.. but my face is really starting to clear. Like Ive said previously.. I dont buy it yet. :P One weird thing happened the other day that I forgot to touch on. I walked into work and I have this routine that I always go to the bathroom when I first get there just to see how I look. So I can go in.. look and go back out to work. Everything was normal, or as normal as possible. Now I drink water basically non-stop all day so im going to the bathroom alot. About an hour later I go into the bathroom, and I have this semi-large red spot on my nose. I am REALLY not happy at this point. I havent had anything on my nose at all since I started taking the medicine. So I go back out to work.. really pissed off. Oddly enough, about an hour later I go back to the bathroom and its totally gone. I had to keep looking and had to make sure I wasnt going nuts. :P Has this happened to anyone else? A red spot pops up and then goes away that quick? I know I didnt hit my nose or anything so I dunno.. it was just really odd. Needless to say, I was very happy. Anyways, my back is still the same.. kinda. Nothing new has popped up, just whats there now seems to be healing.

Like I said though.. face is clearing up it seems. Still alot of red marks from old acne.. but it seems to be fading. We will see though. If I can get through a week with nothing at all.. including annoying little whiteheads... ill be impressed. Ill check back soon.

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Day 79 Update:

It seems alot has been starting to change lately. As of right now, and all this week actually.. my face has no actives whatsoever. I mean, there are tiny little bumps that come up and go away quickly, but thats been all. My face is starting to look really, really clear. I keep looking at it with amazement. It seems to be happening all at once. Has anyone else experienced this? No cystic acne at all the last couple of months, just minor/moderate white heads and now even they are seemingly going away. My back/shoulders are still a work in progress. However, it looks like the actives are starting to dry up and go away. I think one of the major problems with my shoulders and back is that I always wear another shirt under my work shirt and it is hot sometimes where i work and im just constantly sweating. But i dont know.

Ive pretty much broken the habit of touching my face, thank god. Only thing I keep doing is touching my nose.. just because its weird to feel it without any oil.

Well Ive heard for awhile that the 3 month mark usually starts to show alot of improvement and im really seeing it now, but we will see. Im still not sold on it yet. :P Blood work and yet another appt coming up next week. Talk to you all soon.

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