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I'm a 24 yr old male. I've never had severe acne, no cysts or anything like that. I probably only had like 6 or so active zits at any given time, however, they were always deep and painful. the kind that take a week or two to heal and leave dark spots. i have combination skin, with an oily tzone and normal beard area. My acne didn't come from irritants, but just pores clogging with sebum deep down. i can't guarantee this will work for those with severe acne, but if my description sounds familiar then it should work for you.

What i use is this: Mix and egg yolk, honey, and milk. Not too much milk or it will be too watery to stay on your face. Use a fork to mix it up and a cotton ball to apply. As far as time, i've read anything from 10 to 30 mins. the average seemed to be 15 though. I tried to stick to 15, occasionaly 20 minutes. The reason i decided to use this was because I wanted something natural that worked so i searched and searched on the net. I also researched the ingredients to see how each helped and if they were effecitve or not. The yolk is what works for acne, i use the milk because it helped soothe sunburn and lighten it up and i spend a lot of time outside. I use the honey because I use a beard trimmerprior to the mask, although i clean it, the honey helps kill any lingering bacteria.

The sum it up, the egg is rich in vitamin A, which is great for acne. It basically sucks out the trapped sebum and takes it to the surface to be emptied out. For the first few days you'll notice zkin improvement, BUT you WILL breakout in the next few weeks. There's no way around it since there's dormant pimples already formed in your skin waiting to come up. the egg just forces them to come out around the same time. This is definitely the worst part since your face will get worse. I broke out in some small minor zits (which left no mark once healed), but I also had the deep big ones, which did leave marks. Over several weeks i had less of the large ones developing. Now i don't get anymore of those. I still get the minor ones, but they dont leave marks once healed. I usually dab some BP on them and they usually heal in 2-3 days, but Im going to try to not use the BP at all since it makes the pimple redder and i think it will still heal the same. The mask has sucked out everything that was clogged in my face. Of course with oily skin I still get sebum trapped in there, but I use the mask every other day, so it doesn't accumulate enough to produce deep painful zits. The only downside to this is that i pretty much always have 2 or 3 minor zits, but once my old acne marks heal that's about all i'll have.

I wouldn't recommend this for someone that has a face full of acne constantly simply because it will bring everything to the surface within a month or two, so that would be a really rough time for you. I'm also not sure how it would work on cysts.

You can also try using it in a certain area first, wait for the to clear out, then add another area, and so on, that way at least everything won't come up at once.

One last word of advice, when using the mask early on I only used BP on my large zits. Later on i started to use a warm compress on them also though because they were taking too long to heal. The longer they take the redder/browner the mark will be after. So i suggest for the larger ones you use that method to bring them to a point, then let them drain out or pop them with a sterile needle if its a stubborn one. You'll still get a mark, but it will heal a lot faster.

Sorry for making it such a long post, but i wanted to give as much info as possible about how i used it and how it worked.

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Also, for those worried that the mask itself will clog pores and form acne, i can confidently say it did not for me. My forehead has been clear for the last two yrs because i always used either benzaclin or BP on it without skipping a day. I've been using the mask for about 4 months on my whole face and my forehead never broke out except for 2 minor zits.

and if anyone is wondering, i stopped using benzavclin (which was working great) because i lost my insurance coverage and it became too expensive to buy. BP worked too, not as well, but good enough, problem with BP though is my face was dry and my face was always slightly red.

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