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Eh, stupid acne coming back =[

So I was on accutane for a full six months then my dermatologist took me off of it and gave my Topical creams that do not work (not for me anyways). It's not bad but it's still coming back. I believe that it's due to my face being greasy =[. Does anyone know of any kind of medicine/topical creams that will reduce facial greasyness? If you do, help a brotha out :]

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I've been on accutane 5 times and my acne always comes back. I feel your pain. Unfortunately I haven't found anything that comes even close. But SA has really helped keep my oil under control. My acne is minimal when I use it.

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Can't say from experience, but would a topical retinod help?

I just ordered level 6 green cream, one of the strongest non-prescription retinols available, because people on here recommend it. You can pick it up off ebay or just google it and clikc first link.

Other than that, not too sure, sorry :(

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I feel your pain. I was on accutane 5 months for moderate acne. got off it back in october (I got clear in august, my 3rd month) and was perfectly acne-free.

Then in january I noticed some small bumps and clogged pores coming back.

Now I have quite a few pimples on my forehead. nt on my cheeks luckily...that was my bad acne spot before accutane.

My derm said it wasn't bad enough for another course of accutane (but this was like a moth ago...by now it's gotten worse than it was when I saw her) and she wanted me to go back on differin which I never did because all those topicals I tried before accutane never did anything except make my face peel, red, itchy, painful....just awful looking.

and I already suffer from really dry spots/eczema like spots in my face lately due to spring allergies so I really don't want the extra irritation differin will cause.

I recently started OCM (oil cleansing method). The first week I saw good results, but then the 2nd week (now) I have these pimples on my forehead. I'm hoping they're an intial purging and my skin will get better with the OCM in a week or so.

so maybe you could try that? there's a lot about ocm on the internet. you should google it.

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