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Be thankful for what you have

Con: I'm standing up in my best friends wedding and I have a huge cyst (of course) on the side of my neck. I got it injected but its the most lingering kind I develope. grrr

Pros: I'm standing up in my friends wedding, travelling with my other best friend to st. louis to see it and its the only big zit I have. It's on saturday and maybe it will be less inflammed by then. I'm trim, tan, and I think I look killer in my tux.

If one zit ruins the whole thing than its my fault, because everything else is lined up. And its on the side so it will not show in pictures (maybe ill make my BFF do some coverup before the events) Never been to St. Louis, wish me luck!!!

Things are looking up, stay positive!

(didn't post the pic, its super inflammed from my kenalog injection. God i've had over 100 of those things)

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Dude, it's better to have a pimple on your back than on the face because it's ALOT more unnoticeable.

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If its on your neck, cover it with a skin coloured bandaid/plaster or whatever you refer to them as in your neck of the woods...for the day and you will forget all about it, preferably one made to size so its not to big. Always good as a last resort and will look a little better in photos.

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