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My SmoothBeam Laser Treatments

Hi Everyone,

I have been searching for a place like this for some time and I am grateful to have found it. I have been wanting to seriously explore and help document for active acne/scar process I am undergoing.

After researching SmoothBeam and the results from these treatments I have decided to go through the entire 4-Treat Laser treatment.

Since the FDA had approved this in November 2002 I have been closely watching and reading up on it.

I finally found a place that really cared about the emotional aspect to this condition, and found comfort in going through the treatments with them because.

1) They genuinely cared. They listened.

2) They owned the equipment.

3) A Physicians Assistant actually did the treatment (As good as a Doctor).

4) Prepared me beforehand by using a numbing creme called "Gold Touch Creme" to make it easier to handle the laser.

According to an actual research study I read, not only does SmoothBeam have a 80-90% success rate of eliminating active acne, it also activates cell growth that reduces acne scaring. This gives you a double benefit.

I just had my first treatment on Tuesday, and I can already see some improvement. I am so sick of "The Regimen" it was like a regular painful reminder of it that I couldn't handle doing this for the rest of my life.

I have taken Accutane twice, and after that was on Differin and Azelex one each day. I am 33 years old. At this rate I would be paying for these forever. My insurance stopped paying for Different after 30 because it was considered cosmetic. sad.gif

Right now my Smooth Beam laser treatments is for my entire back. Next will be my chest, and then face for scaring if all goes well.

So I will keep you guys updated with my progress. I pray that this will finally end 17 years of Acne.

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user posted image

You know I can't believe how good the results were here, but they don't tell you how long he was treated for and how long it took to finally be cleared up.

I don't know if its permanent but I will certainly keep going back even if it means to maintain it. It's so worth it.

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Well the good news is that I had my 2nd Laser Treatment, it was at level 13, about 1100 zaps for my entire back. I of course used the Gold Touch Cream about an hour before the treatment, but I missed a few spots and boy did it hurt!

After my treatment, the PA who was doing the treatment told me next tie to numb the back of my neck (where my hair line is), and a spot on my chest where I am breaing out and she would zap them for me next time on top of the back.

I think it was the first time someone actually cared more abut making me feel better about my condition instead of wacking me for more money for every little procedure, but the areas are very smll and would only take her a few mins.

I was driving back about about 45mins from the treatment and boy did it hurt for a good 2-3 hours afterwards.

I noticed the next day (It was on Tuesday my treatment) that I have these small eye shapes water bumps on my sholder. It was from the laser beam itself, as I have never ever seem anything like this from active acne.

PRIOR to going in. could see sections of my back clearing up, like the middle of my back, upper-mid back and smaller acne breakouts. So I beieve it's making a visible difference.

My treatments are three weeks apart, two more to go...I have to say the markings the Smoothbeam left has me freaked out but I know it's part of the process. I also know they will go away.

I also noticed the active ance more focused/intense in specific regions of my back. The redness that is typical for my entire back is definitely gone. I know this is a process, but I also noticed that my upper arms, back of the next, face and chest has increased breakouts and it's really pissing me off. It's like it's moving or something! :-s sad.gif

Well I also wanted to re-confirm twhat the PS told me. She told me that the SmoothBeam not only shrinks the sebacious glands but also kills off the bacteria that causes acne, has anyone else heard this and is it really true?

It's now been 4 days since my treatment... still healing, I am having a hard time being able to determine if its working or not.

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I'm going to my first consultaton for smooth beam on april 7th or so, keep us updated on your treatments.

I'm getting treated for active mild -> moderate acne , I'm hoping it can shrink my oil glands.

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update on my smoothbeam from 1 week ago

for some reason my face seems very smooth

not that much acne popping up, its sort of dried up a little

before it was gushing

looks working, fingers crossed

7 days passed, will update in a few more

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hey guys

i'm reading your threads with great interest as I'm considering doing this myself. But one piece of info that no one has mentioned: price! Would anyone please state a ballpark figure so I know if this is financially feasible or not?



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Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I visited this site but thanks to Rye's private message I logged back in and I just wanted to also reply to my post with an update on my experences with SmoothBeam... below is the msg I sent Rye...

Thanks for all the replies, I apologize for not responding sooner!



I'd have to discourage you from doing smoothbeam. After the 1st series of treatment, the acne actually spread to other parts of my body cause the acne to spread and imho make my condition worse.

Origionally it was just my back, but now, my arms, chest, stomach, neck, face all have breakouts white and black heads. I wish I could go undo what I did, but the only solution would be for me to smoothbeam the areas its now and hope that it would go back to where it origionally started but I havent decided what I will do next.

Alas my back isnt as bad as before, but it's not much of an improvement.. I feel like the smoothbeam only made my condition worse.

I honestly wish it had helped.. after spending $2000.00 for a treatment that only made things worse.... I'm looking to stick with Differin which seems to do A LOT more than smoothbeam ever did.

Right now, I am researching testosterone levels as being the too high in my system that may be causing the acne to begin with.. we'll see.

I honestly wish I had better news, believe me... best of luck to you.

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larkenfoam -- I meant since I was 17.. not 17 years, woups! :)

waiting2livemylife... - It cost at the time $500 for each treatment, 4 treatments, $2000 inho it was WAY too expensive now that I look back, and a ripoff. Plus I had to pay $50 each for the small Gold Creme to numb the skin for the laser treatment. PS. It is NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE. It's considered cosmetic...Id like to wish acne upon those who decided this as they clearly need to see its a lot more than a cosmetic issue.

The problem I have with the treatment is that the acne spread, which means I'd going to need to treat more areas of my body to attack this acne, and that just seems nuts to me. I am firmly convinced that Differin was/still is the best solution for me as it seems to control the breakouts the best out of everything I've ever tried...

The Smooth Beam did seem initially to work but the fact that it spread and made it far worse than when I went in. I've not had any other treatments since that first run cause I cant simply justify not only have to do my back again, is my chest, arms, neck and face further.

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