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Reduce shower reduce acne

This is difficult to follow but by reducing showering you can reduce your acne, the best way to go about it is to simply shower with cool water for 15-20 minutes but only rinse your hair with water for 2-5 minutes at most, the rest of the time only your body should get wet. Shampoo use must also be limited, now this means :naughty: shampoo or conditioner can be used for a week, then at the end of the week you can use it to clean out your hair, if your scalp starts to flake you can use jojaba oil directly on it to soothe it. The problem seems to be as you wash away the natural oils of the scalp with shampoo, your body reacts by producing more so that your hair can grow. By not removing the original oils you can maintain a steady amount of it on the scalp and this will limit problems of facial and body acne. Always keep your hair as dry as possible, this means after you have washed it with water use a blow dryer not a towel to quickly dry it out and to avoid damaging your hair. This will limit and help prevent future breakouts, you can still wash your face as many times a day as you need to remove the oils off your face, as long as you don't wash your hair too much extra oils will not be produced like before because if you think about it, most people have more hair on their head than their face or body so it works.

This solution works but is difficult to follow because if you work out or sweat a lot it is tempting to shampoo the hair but a quick cold shower is enough to rid the body of bad odors and a little water can go a long way for the hair. If you absolutely must shampoo then try using jojaba oil on the scalp after you dry it following a shower to restore the oils.

Expect results 1-2 weeks after starting this regimen.

Best of luck to all.

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I never liked nor agreed with this theory that if you wash your hair everyday, "it will strip your hair of its natural oils" Everyone has different hair! Some people need to wash it everyday or it gets all oily and nasty. I say that if you feel uncomfortable with how your hair is, wash it and when you feel comfortable with it, dont wash it

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