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Well, after two months of clear skin, I'm suddenly back to square one, so my regimen basically stopped working and I haven't a clue why... ordinarily I'd be sadder about this, but I went and saw Michael Buble in concert last night, and he was really incredible. I am trying my hardest not to let the condition of my face ruin this week. :P It's just been too good so far. What really gets me is that my best friend has perfect skin, she came with me to the concert, I felt like a swamp creature next to her, as much as I love her.

Gah, my nose hurts though. I have two really sore spots on one side, and one on the other. I started Diane-35 (for... various reasons) today, so hopefully I don't become a whale in the meantime.

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I know how you feel, I always feel like an ugly duck amongst all my friends since they all have great skin. Sometimes I wonder how I have such great friends who look past my face without thinking.

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I feel like that too around most of my friends... I actually think the only one of them who has acne like I do is my cousin, but he's cool enough for people to overlook it. :P Hmn, maybe some of them DO have acne... I guess I just don't notice. So I have no idea why I have a bitchfit over it, they probably don't notice mine either.

Oh I'm just sad. Hahaha. :P

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