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Reddishness after acne

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Greetings, fellas!

By looking at my post count I'm sure you can guess that I'm new here, and in fact this is my first post. This is also the first time I'm revealing a skin problem on internet, a problem that once seemed to never touch me throughout my lifetime. Anyway, now it seems ridiculous to the point that I must share it with the knowledgeable people of this community where I've come after a bit of research on google. After having a gander at quite a few places on web, it seems that this place is the most promising, since nowhere I've found such a vast forum with a lot of information about skin problems right at your doorstep. Truly, I respect the efforts of the people involved in this project, Dan being one of them, perhaps.

Besides all that, here's my problem:

Before proceeding towards my main problem I would like to specify that my skin is hypersensitive (or maybe hypo) as told my one of the dermatologists in this area. I used to have acne sometime ago. I took some lotions after taking prescription from a local dermatologist and surprisingly I got rid of them at last. But now I've got another problem, and it is my red skin that occurs after acne removal. What's disappointing is that any damage to my skin results in excessive development of reddishness on a major part of my face in addition to the area that was attacked by acne. And moreover, the affected area becomes somewhat swollen, too, resulting in a strange protuberance. I don't take any sun damage as I rarely move out of my house, but even then there's a strange discoloration of skin after acne is gone, and it doesn't go away easily. It becomes less visible at times but never really fades away completely. I've tried many lotions, creams and what-not, and visited many dermatologists for a final cure to this problem, but I've not been successful despite of everything. Just to add to all this, my complexion is fair and my skin is oily, so much oily that literally I sometimes wake up to notice that my face is covered with an oily layer. All these aftereffects make me feel depressed at times and due to it I've not been as courageous in real life as I should have been, seriously. I would like to ask about a treatment suitable for a skin like mine.

Thanks in advance for suggestions/comments!

Edit: I'm currently using a cream called 'HHSONE Cream'. Well, it's not been effective.

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