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Dr. Perricone's Acne Prescription Log

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Day 1:

off the retin-A micro for one night. used the cream last night and woke up with a dry/tight face. strange for me since i usually wake up with a pool of oil on my skin. might be the weather though.

skin is still completely dried out in patches and flaking from switching to Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser from Cetaphil w/out water.

red marks from existing and past acne, some dry.

took all supplements and put cream on toDAY because i haven't gotten the toner yet. realized that it has retinyl palmitate which is probably why my skin is pink right now and i have a few new tiny pimples. my forehead is breaking out again. will get the toner tomorrow.

lunch: salmon from a can and broccoli

1 centrum

1 fish oil

snacks: almonds and broccoli

dinner: salmon from a can and almonds

1 centrum


1 Vit E

1 B-complex

1 Ester-C

1 Primrose Oil

night: wet face with water, washed with Cetaphil and wiped off.

applied cream all over face.

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Ok, here you go.

Wake Up:

8 oz water


2 Egg Omlette or 4-6 oz. grilled or broiled salmon

1/4 Cup Berries (any kind)

1/2 Cup Oatmeal (not instant)with 1 tablespoon flaxseed

8 oz water

Green or Black tea


4-6 Oz Salmon

2 Cups romaine lettuce w/extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice for flavor

2 inch slice cantaloupe and 1/4 cup berries

8 oz water



6 oz. plain yogurt

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

8 oz water minimum


4-6 oz salmon

Romaine Lettuce thing

1/2 cup steamed veggies(especially green stuff)

2 inch cantaloupe

8 oz. water

Before Bed snack

2 oz sliced turkey breast

1/4 cup blueberries

3-4 pecans or almonds

8 oz water

Courtesy of "The Acne Perscription" by Perricone

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Day 2

woke up with noticeably less redness all around but with very dry skin. after the morning shower my red spots seemed less red. existing pimples seem to be stagnant...neither going away or getting bigger. maybe the reduced redness around it makes it appear more inflamed.

still don't have toner yet.

had canned salmon for breakfast with green tea. took ALA, Centrum, Ester C.

bought DMAE 250mg pills this morning at GNC for $8 although Dr. Perricone suggested N-Acetyl-Cysteine was more important. will get that later.

thirsty ALL DAY. i'm taking about 8 pills a day and i crave more than 8 glasses of water a day.

lunch: some chicken at the mall and mixed fruit salad

dinner: non-alcoholic smoothie (blew my glycemic index) at PF Chang's, and lemom pepper chicken with broccoli

night: wash with Cetaphil. slathered on the cream. why is my face sooo dry?? absorbed right away.

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Day 3

skin was a bit oily in T-zone area than night before. i used a lot of cream! but cheeks still dry. the dry skin is visible...like a darker layer of rough skin i can peel off but it won't come off!

redness slightly reduced. a few small pimples around nose and cheek area.

breakfast: lettuce wraps and spicy chicken

took DMAE, ALA, Ester C, Centrum

went to Sephora today to look at Dr. Perricone's line of products. everything has DMAE, ALA, and/or Ester C. they had the toner Gamer uses but i don't think i can tolerate alcohol on my face right now. so still no toner.

drank water like a fish.

dinner: turkey leg (felt really sick from all the meat) and 1 spoon of peanut butter

took Centrum, Fish Oil, Primrose Oil

night: exisiting pimples were coming to a head so i drained them, Cetaphil wash, cream, dabbed Retin-A Micro on pimples and forehead

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I was wondering if you are following Dr. Perricone's regimen exactly, because I very interested in this acne program. Please keep us updated... are you getting any new breakouts? is this working for you? thanks!

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i am following it as well as i have been told by Gamer. you can view the thread on OTC under "Acne Free in 3 days..." it's long but if you read the whole thing it's pretty informative. i thumbed through Dr. P's book at Barne's before i started but i am going to the library tomorrow to try to borrow it. today i woke up and my skin looked ok but nighttime i think i got a few breakouts.

Day 4

a bit less red. dry skin peeling off a teeny bit. no new pimples, a couple of whiteheads starting to come up around hairline though. it's supposed to take a while (1 week to 1 month) for skin to get back to "normal" before the program starts to work.

breakfast: 2 eggs and mushrooms

centrum, ALA, Ester C, DMAE

lunch: soup and salad buffet

snacks: cheese, pb

dinner: fish and shrimp

fish oil, B-Complex, Primrose oil, centrum

chai tea latte at Starbuck's (blew glycemic index again. dammit.)

i have a few new breakouts today on cheeks and upper lip. skin was fairly oily during the day but i still have a layer of dry dead skin. what a mess...

night: Cetaphil and retin-a micro. (need to get dry skin to peel off so the cream will penetrate better next time)

i know i won't see results right away but i'm at my 5th week on retin-a micro and supposed to have new breakouts...which freaked me out and made me start Dr. P's program but now i'm not sure if i should stick it out with retin-a instead. arrrgh!!

i'll decide tomorrow if i get the book and read it.

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You may want to look into GNC's Ultra Mega multivitamin. It has almost everything that Perricone recommends except for ALA and DMAE.

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yeah i've looked into that but i have a new bottle of centrum and i can't justify spending $40 right now on new vitamins. it works out to be about the same if i just take two centrums during the day and just supplement with other stuff. thanks though!

Day 5:

small whiteheads and reduced redness from Retin-A micro. some of the dry skin is finally peeling off and fresher looking skin underneath. a few small tiny pimples on nose.


green tea


wendy's chicken salad

centrum, ala, dmae, fish oil, ester c, chromium, nac (decided to just take all of them in one shot). my face kind of tingled after like 30 of taking the supps. i don't know if it's that or i'm going crazy. it SEEMED better after a couple of hours...less red.

borrowed Dr. P's book from the library


fish, shrimp, zucchini, turkey slices, tangerine, earl grey tea

wasn't so thirsty today so maybe all the past few day's hydration is finally normalizing my water level. i never used to drink enough water....usually one cup per day plus a venti coffee. also, had to wipe my face with cetaphil twice during the day bc i'm getting oily again. damn weather.

there's a lot of little tips in his book that's really helpful. like what kind of vit c to take, how much, and with what, etc...too much to type right now. maybe i'll update later.

night: cetaphil, retin-a micro (his book hinted that "some forms of retinoids are anti-inflammatory" but didn't specify which. BUT he also said that retinoids CAUSE inflammation because they're irritating especially in the beginning.) i'm just going to keep using it for the red marks.

thinking of buying the serum instead of the cream later

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Day 11:

a few changes in the method. i stopped taking all supplements yesterday and today since i am doing the apple juice fasting for a liver flush tomorrow. hopefully this will make my liver stronger so that all the supps i'm taking will be absorbed more and work better with my body.

so far i've been using the cream on my cheeks only during the day right after i wash up in the morning but only if i am not going to be in the sun for too long. i've found that my skin turns red if i'm driving around all day. it still surprises me that it absorbs into my super oily skin.

cutting out carbs...i'm a bit more lax than before...it's hard when you're at a bar and all you want is a cocktail!

so far the progress looks much better *knock on wood*. skin is soft and noticeably less red. i did get a breakout about 1.5 weeks ago but it was from my monthly...that's when the oil literally pools on my T-zone.

still using the Retin-A micro at night and switched to Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. i have to wash my face at least twice a day and will wipe it with a little Cetaphil around 3-5pm since it's an oil slick by then. the new breakouts are taking longer to heal but i guess that's because my face isn't completely peeling off every night due to the Retin-a.

i'll jump back onto the supps and diet after the liver flush...maybe on thurs...depending on how my stomach is feeling by then.

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Day 18:

did jc's liver flush last monday and didn't really see great results. possibly because i cheated and didn't fast the entire day before and didn't drink the last solution.

so far my cheeks are waaay less inflamed than they were last week from using the Retin-A Micro. i'm using the cream liberally twice a day and when i'm home, spot treat with Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask. switched from Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cream Cleanser to Neutrogena's Foaming Face Wash since the weather is getting warmer here.

the REtin-a had really peeled my temples and cheeks so that it looked raw under flourescent lighting. after using the cream consistently and stopping the RAM, my skin is finally beginning to heal and looks a bit brownish compared to the rest of my healthier skin. if i pull it with my finger it wrinkles like an old person's. and the red spots that were pimples long gone had been irritated by the RAM and stayed red. i think using the cream really helped them calm down.

forehead is breaking out with more whiteheads since using the cream. it's a sensitive area...and tonight i am using RAM there just to open up the pores.


day: 1 centrum, 1 fish oil, 1 DMAE, 1 alpha-lipoic acid, 1 vit e (occasionally), 1 NAC, 1 vit c

night: 1 centrum, 1 DMAE, 1 alpha-lipoic acid, 1 NAC

diet - eh, it's a bit hard on weekends. had a carrot cake this saturday but i don't regret it! it was damn good! miss coffee a lot though.

i think i'm going to replenish my system with ThreeLac pro-biotics as soon as i get feedback from some people about it. since i've been on antibiotics in the past and just recently, one month of Doryx, this might help my body balance out.

just ordered DermAlive's Hydrating Toner last week but people have said it takes forever to come in. i also bought two types of serum's from SkinEternal, one that has oils and another that doesn't, but i think i prefer my Reviva cream better. the SkinEternals didn't absorb as well and were sticky. not to mention the kiwi-coconut fragrance was making me sick.

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Day 28:

its down to using the cream on my cheeks and either toner or cream during the day depending on how dry my skin is.

i will try to use Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask once a week to soak up the oil.

washing with St. Ive's Medicated Scrub very very gently and letting the SA sit for just a bit so that the cream and toner will soak in better.

i have stopped using the cream on my forehead and nose because it looked like a war zone of whiteheads aaaaaggh! i am also getting hard whiteheads around my nose and upper lip. not sure if this is because i forgot to take Primrose for about a week. so now i am using Retin-a micro up there at nights and slather on aloe vera during the day. might try hydrogen peroxide tomorrow...they just need to go down by friday!!

progress on cheeks: no more flushed redness. red spots are mostly gone. the few remaining are taking a long time to heal because i can still feel a small plug underneath. but i'm too afraid to pick at it. brown marks are fading as well. i am starting to get these bumps under my skin, not complete whiteheads but if i pick or squeeze them after a shower some white stuff comes out.

the diet's been hard. my mom's on vacation so my dad's answer to dinner every night is going out to eat almost every night. italian, chinese, american you name it...try to pass up that warm turkey reuben sandwich when you're starving! and i used to be vegetarian only 4 months ago...i wish i could go back to just eating my dorm's salad bar (it helped tremendously with my skin) but after graduation and your parents treat you to restaurant food all the time...sigh...

think i'll stick with this regimen for a bit longer to say for sure if it's working or not.

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