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Semento extract? /Cat's Claw/

I've been hearing only incredible things about this thing, giving you an incredible boost in the immune system and it helps with gastrointestinal tract.

People with cancer are using it when they are under chemiotherapy.

Healthoid's latest blog entry about sleep and immune system and most importantly how p.acne bacteria are practically on every human being I've really decided to try Semento.

I've asked around and I've been only hearing good stuff about it.

Anyone else tried it?


Here's some information.

Samento has Anti-tumor, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties beneficial in the treatment of immune system related conditions and intestinal disorders. Samento is an extract of Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa (Aubl.) Gmel. Rubiaceae. "Una de gato", "Cat's claw", "Paraguayo", "Garabato","Una de gavilan,"Hawk's claw"). but the extract is controlled so only the positive elements of cats's claw are allowed to be in the extract. Samento is different in its amazing power to strengthen the immune system up to 1000 times stronger.

This is an extract from another site.

Just google it for more info.


I've been recommended several times to just take it "for no reason" to stay healthier and be stronger.

And I have no affiliate with the above site.

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