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Showerhead water filter

Definitely! Water filters ( shower) really seem to help me out and keep my skin from drying out. Where I go to school in northern Florida. the water is really hard and highly chlorinated ( I can smell it and taste it in the tap- yuck) So last year I bought a shower filter from Lowes for about $ 20. It cleared up the acne on my back and I wasn't scratching after I got out of the shower like I usually did. Also I use it to wash my face and it does seem to help, though my diet frequently sucks so thats probably why I'm not clear yet. Anyway, I think a water filter will help a lot for you, if not for the acne thing, then for the fact that the water is better for you, your skin in general, and hair.

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Ya the one in my first posts works great. But I think it needs a filter change every 6 months.

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Wow, I didn't even know these things existed! I used to live in a place that had soft water, and it was great on my skin - then again, the weather was colder, which seems is a better acne treatment for me than any cream. Thanks for the heads-up, I'm definitely going to be looking for one of these suckers soon.

Do they have sink attachments as well?

Shower filters can help improve your hair also as they can take the chlorine etc out of the water depending on which one you buy.

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