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What helped your acne the most  

97 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of these was BEST

    • Leaving it alone
    • Washing with water
    • Washing with soap/cleanser/exfoliator
    • Creams/lotions (benzoyl peroxide etc)
    • Anti-biotics (tetracycline, minocycline etc)
    • Changing diet
    • Herbal/home made remedies
    • Dermabrasion, lasers =O /
    • Chemical peels (TCA etc)
    • Dan's Regimen

When i first came on here i was so confused. We have Dan talking about his regimen, people coming up with home made remedies, anti-biotics, creams/lotions and surgery.

This is just a quick poll to see what helped other people's acne. Im on minocycline right now and will probably be on accutane in a month or so :|

If something isnt in the poll then just reply and i'll put it up ;)

P.S I know its hard because its only restricted to one choice, but think about what helped most. With most of us its going to be a combination though.

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Accutane (which is not an antibiotic, by the way) worked for my acne. So far, nothing has worked for my rosacea.

"Dan's Regimen" irritated the HELL out of my face. I despise benzoyl peroxide. It is liquid evil.

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You should have hormonal treatments as an option. Also, for a lot of poeple we use a combination (diet, topicals, hormonal, etc...) to clear our skin.

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I voted for diet!

Gluten is poison to me :( But happily, I figured it out before I wrecked my skin and my intestine more!

If I could have voted for another option, I'd say 'leaving it alone' has certainly helped the healing process! I wash my face twice a day with water...that's it. No cleansers for almost 3 months and I'm certainly not breaking out more, I would say that my skin is healing much more quickly than if I'd been using anything topical.

However, I have to acknowledge that I work from home, and I have the luxury of sitting in front of my computer, with no make up one and just healing. I certainly wouldn't be without makeup if I had to go into work every day!

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if vitamins is herbal then thats whats worked best for me.

slightly ironic cos i've always dismissed the idea that vitamins work as well as pescription drugs. If i could start again at 16 with acne i'd probably try everything else on that list before vitamins. When i had other illness and tried to tried vitamins and it did nothing - there are so many of them and they all claim to help in one way or another for all kinds of ailments i just didnt think it would help at all. I think the key for vitamins treating acne is getting the right dosage and balance and consistently taking them.

Slightly changed my diet but not much...

started drinking water with lemon in it...

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fuck ima name my kid Dan. just because im 1.5 weeks into the regimen and shit......no whiteheads and less redness (i use neosporin 2)

If you use Neosporin make sure you have the neosporin antibiotic cream because the regular ointment clogs pores just to let you know

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Diet cleared me, but before that some supplements made my skin a lot less oily and my face was mostly clear of inflamed acne. Those were a b-complex with zinc and vitamin C.

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Severe acne for many many years. I don't want to get into the sad story... I'll keep it positive since I have found a regime that works amazingly for me and for others.

I use Clean and clear soft night moisturizer at night after washing with a benzoyl peroxide wash if there is no make-up if there is, then I wash with an antibacterial soap first like cuticura then I use the bp wash. I then tone with Aqua Glycolic toner follow with a little bit of Zapzit around the problem areas and when there is no breakouts to control I mix a little bit of zapzit with the moisturizer instead of applying it directly into the skin. This has kept my very difficult to control skin amazingly clear. It is the most even and toned my skin has been in many years. In the mornings I exfoliate with a mixture of Noxema Original and St Ives Apricot scrub I then use sea breeze actives and then finish with clean and clear advantage moisturizer ( which by the way not only helps breakouts and makes skin soft and it has soy also which evens out skin). I used to use generic Retin-A at night along with spironolactone and bcp for many years instead of the zapzit ( great product really) and and the full regime below but because I could be pregnant I have stopped the prescriptions and I don't miss it at all. Zapzit its actually working better now. The clean and clear night soft moisturizer is amazing I wake up with my face dewy not oily, more firm, clear and healthy. This moisturizer is able to make happen what many expensive lotions can, but it is more gentle, affordable and feels nicer. I don't like that it smells so strong I'm very sensitive to smells and it keeps me from falling asleep. I now wash my face way in advance so by the time I hit the pillow the smell has faded enough. Hopefully someone can get the word to Johnson and Johnson about the smell. I really believe they must be clueless. Night moisturizer must be scentless as a matter of fact all moisturizer should be very lightly scented if at all. I hope this will help some of you. I urge you to try my regime along with light exercise, a multivitamin, flaxseeds, several cups of lemon water a day and Bentonite clay with fiber at night. If you have blemishes, pimples, cystic acne it works by healing the skin and balancing the hormones and it is very affordable considering how it fixes the problem.

Clear Skin for Real Regime.


Noxema original massage on face then add some St Ives Apricot scrub the blemish skin kind to exfoliate.

Follow with Sea Breeze actives (yellow)

Clean and Clear Advantage Moisturizer gray bottle its really good and with frequent use it will even out your skin, if your skin is too dry put more of it or add some Aveno clear complexion on top its more moisturizing. They both have similar key ingredients soy and salicylic acid so its no problem.

To spend the day out in the sun I recommend one of the following: tested non oily and caused no breakouts

Hawaiian faces oil free 30 spf.. excellent sun-block with vitamins for smooth, line free, healthy skin has reflective particles that make your skin look really nice.

Clean and Clear soft day Moisturizer with spf 15 ( smells strong) similar to the night just with spf, its okay in my opinion

Eucerin sensitive skin with Q10 and spf 15...helps get rid of lines and smoothes your face

clean and clear morning glow spf 15..... ( smells strong) this is as a last resort.

To balance out your hormones internally.

Drink a tall Glass of Lemon water right after you wake up on an empty stomach squeeze half a lemon

Continue to drink lemon water throughout the day

Take some good multivitamins with extra vitamin B-5 and Silica

Eat some flaxseeds alone (they taste nutty) or add to cereal or anything else

Stay away from all milk products which produce mucus and hormonal surges which makes the perfect environment for breakouts to happen. you can eat cheese and butter moderately, limit eggs, wheat, sugars and breads. Instead eat meats, grains, veggies, fruits and salads cook with lots of garlic and cleansing herbs like cilantro.

get some light exercise daily


Remove make up with an antibacterial cleanser

then wash with "Acne-free" benzoyl peroxide wash

if you don't have make up skip step one as this can be too harsh.

follow with Aqua Glycolic toner

apply zapzit to affected acne

Apply a generous amount of Clean and Clean Night Soft Moisturizer all over your face

when skin becomes clear with hardly any pimples mix a little zapzit with moisturizer where you feel you might break out only and apply moisturizer to the rest of your face

To remove toxins and assist in proper elimination

drink a nightly cup of detox tea "yogis" brand got a an awesome one

Add some Bentonite liquid clay with a little fiber to any healthy drink before going to bed and swallow a good flora supplement like acidophilus this takes all your internal toxins out and eliminates them and replaces it with healthy intestinal bacteria.

Drink a tall glass of Lemon or lime water right before going to bed.

OCCASIONALLY drink aloe vera, take a heavy metal cleanser other times a liver cleanser and a bowel cleanser. you can purchase these on health food stores

You must be consistent and determine with this regime. It is very easy and

IT WORKS........

As always learn the right amount of what you put on your face, If it is too dry add more moisture and slow down on the cleansing and medications. Also drink more water.

If your skin is too oily then add less moisture and follow the directions above.

Enjoy your fresh and healthy skin

Please I have given this to about 20 people with amazing results that are continuous, I would love it if you could email me your progress or experience @ [email protected]

You can also reply to this post......

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i use some face wash called panoxyl.

it contains benzoil peroxide.

i sitll have acne and everything but benzoyl peroxide

has worked the best on me so far...

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I find not picking or touching my acne at all has been working well. I'm still having pimples and whatnot come up, but that's just it, it's acne that was already there exiting my face. I'm not having anything new emerge just by leaving it alone with the exception of using SA cleanser morning and night (nothing special). I'm sure I'd have similar results with normal cleanser.

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I had bad cystic acne for years (nickel size+ cysts that would last from months to a year) and Duac worked for me- no other topical or antibiotic did anything for me. I've been using nightly it over a year and have been cyst free. I still have the occasional pimple pop up but they are gone within a couple days. I wish I had been prescribed it sooner to avoid the scars I have.

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i went on accutane and as my signature below says, i just wash with Clinique stuff (Simple gave me spots, ha! no chemicals apparently make me get spots!) and it's kept my skin in good form.

before i got cystic acne i used erythromycin and it worked wonders. but that was for mild (i think) acne.

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My derm didn't recomend accutane for my skin. My acne is not severe but it was bad enough for me to want to be put on it! It seemed like the miracle drug! But still she said no. But I am on a combination of spironolactone and dans regimen and it has worked wonders. I am on day eight now with only one active pimple. My skin hasn't been this good in years!

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