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***How to make scars less red in the summer time***

Any tips on how to keep down the redness????

Try using a hydrosol such as rose geranium...I've used others too, like blue tansy, witch hazel (the distillate, NOT the stuff that has alcohol in it), and rose. But rose geranium seems to take away redness the most. It's also seems to be helping with my acne red/brown spots. You could also try helichrysum hydrosol. Another one that's supposed to be great with redness and scar healing, but I haven't tried it yet.

By hydrosol, i mean the distillate that's produced during the process of making essential oils. This page describes what hydrosols are and their uses: http://www.naturesgift.com/hyd.htm. I like them because it cools down my face (you have to keep them in the fridge since they don't have preservatives) and they can serve as hydrators in the summer without putting heavy lotions or serums on your face.

I also like using turmeric, yogurt, green tea extract powder, and white sandalwood powder, with a little bit of hydrosol to make a mask. it cools my face, exfoliates, softens, takes away redness, and dries up pimples (a little). I started using various versions of that mask a few weeks ago and it's clearing my skin. I like to use a hydrosol like carrot seed as a toner to take off any remainder of the mask that might be on my skin - carrot seed hydrosol soothes and moisturizes.

Hope this helps!

Also notice what kind of food you're eating. Are you eating hot, spicy, inflammatory foods during the summer time or cooling foods?

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