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Depressed about body acne...what type is it and what should I use?

I'm a 16 year old girl and I've had bacne for as long as I can remember, I used to just ignore it and hope it would go away but recently it's got worse, I'm currently using an antiseptic which calms the inflamation, but looking for a product available to buy in the UK that can help me clear it!

I really want to be able to wear tank tops and go swimming in summer but it's not a possibility at the moment...it looks horrible and makes me really self-conscious. :cry:

I came on here cuz there's other people who understand and hopefully can help me


for some reason it looks much worse in the second pic...different lighting


there's a bit on my chest and shoulders as well, I get a few spots on my forehead and chin but they're not so bad

How severe is it and what can I buy/where to buy it? I've heard about benzyl peroxide products like Quinoderm but I can't find anything like it in boots or superdrug and don't have a debit card to buy online

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hey hey! have you been to your local gp at all. its probably your best bet really, the over the counter medications you can buy from the shops really arent strong enough so you will most likely just waste money.

definately take a trip to the doctors, cant to any harm at all!

good luck :)

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I had the exact same body acne as you at that age, even down to the scarring. It started off as a few spots and I thought they would go away by ignoring it, too, but it just got worse. That was my biggest mistake. So far from what I've seen, your bacne is moderate. What's good is that you're starting to find treatment right now.

You can start off with a simple regimen if you don't have one already. A simple cleanser that isn't strong, and a BP soap, like Panoxyl, would do. Apply moisturizer after a shower so that the soap doesn't dry out your back and make that area worse. Maybe you can find a moisturizer that helps with the inflammation, too. I don't know of any, unfortunately, but you could always research. Once you start a regime stick with it for a month or two. Don't expect results overnight.

Also what I found was that sleeping on a hard mattress with a thin covering can spread infection because of the friction you can cause when you move around in your sleep. It certainly explains why there was blood on my shirt in the morning. Try to find a soft material to lay your back on at night, like some comfy blankets. You can also let your back breathe a bit in the comfort of your own room by wearing a tank top, for example. And most importantly, DON'T PICK at them!

I wouldn't worry too much about the scars when your back starts clearing up. From the looks of it, they're really small white bumps and are only noticeable up close (I have them, too). For some people, they tend to blend in with the rest of your skin as you get older. But I think you're really lucky that they're not sunk in if that's any consolation. It wasn't until 4 years later that my back started to clear up, but that's mostly because I didn't do much about it. You have the chance to do something now so try and make the most of it!

I wish you the best of luck!

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Thanks for your suggestions and the reason I haven't been to a GP is because I really hate going to doctors and hospitals and things, iatrophobia to put it in technical terms...but my mum is now insisting on booking an appointment even though I really want treatment I'm dreading going. Is it worth trying to improve it myself before I go? cuz the appointment wont be for a while...should I try head and shoulders?

What should I say to doctor? It sounds so stupid but im so scared of going and showing my horribe acne..the lasttime I saw my GP was for hay fever and I even hated that

what do they ask etc? im happy to hear any advice

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i have simlar problem to you ,

you can ask to speak with a female GP, if you feel shy or nervous.

and dont worry they have seen this a million times dont be embarassed about it ok?

you really should go and get some pro advice.

i have heard head + shoulders is good, also using sea salts in baths is supposed to be good as well, currently im using a dettol soap and using loofah to remove dead skin etc. and its starting to heal up a bit.

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