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DKR without cleanser or moisturizer

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Last summer I used DKR without a cleanser or moisturizer and within 2 weeks all my acne was gone, my skin was positively glowing and remained wonderful until I stopped the regimen because of school work. I'll be the first to admit that my acne was not nearly as horrendous as many individuals on this forum (thank god!) but it did result in around 1-2 pimples a day. I started the regimen up again around a month ago and the progress this time around has been far less dramatic. While I have had very little acne I see far more redness and scarred tissue than I did the first time around even though I began with relatively the same quanity of acne. I probably shouldn't be complaining, but my question is: does cleanser and moisturizer in your experience help rid redness and scars, or help rid acne, what is its purpose? I understand the hows and whys BP, but I don't understand what cleanser and moisturizer does, can you help me out? Do you think its absolutely necessary to use cleansers and moisturizers. I'm an 18 year old male who has had acne since 13 in very dramatically fickle amounts.

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I would definitely always use a cleanser and moisturiser, the cleanser keeps the skin clean which obviously helps prevents acne and the moisturiser will stop excessive dryness, irritation and possibly excess oil been produced, all of which can trigger acne.

You might want to use a bit less BP while your skin becomes accustomed to it again then gradually increase the amount. As long as your applying the regime twice every day your skin should eventually clear.

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