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Weird Cystic Acne

(I posted this under "Adult Acne" as well. I'm not quite sure which forum this should fall under.)

Hi, I've been going to a few dermatologists and haven't had much success with my acne. I'm hoping someone here could help me with some answers.

I'm a 24 year old male and have NEVER had any problems with acne until the past few months. All throughout my teenage years I had less than 10 breakouts. But about 6 months ago, I went a week with less than 4 hours of sleep/night; that's when my acne started. I still do not get a lot of acne, but the ones I do get are practically all cystic. They are big (around 1-2cm in diameter), swollen, and bleed even if I do not pick at them.

Dermatologists have recommended 5% BP cleansing soap and 2.5% BP afterwards. I've been using this regiment for about 2 months now. I get MAYBE 4 or 5 cystic acne per month. But they are red and very visible, and take a long time to heal. I try to maintain a balanced diet and stay away from dairy products. I also eat a lot of fruit.

Oh, this is pretty weird as well: all my acne are near the jawline. My cheeks and forehead are totally clear.

Because I've never really had acne prior to this, I could really use some advice.

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