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Guest sm_oore

Thought I'd share a couple ways to hide scars a little bit

Guest sm_oore

Alright, these might sound a little drastic but they've worked for me a little bit. I'm sure someone's probably tried one of these or probably wouldn't even think about it because it can be harsh on the skin.

I hope none of these are bad in the long run, but I've found that rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball and Retin A can help hide some shallow scarring for a little bit. I have rolling scars and I use alcohol every once in a while to prevent breakouts. I know there's probably a ton of people thinking its bad for the skin and it dries it out but I've actually noticed its helping my breakouts and tightens up the skin for a little bit.

Also Retin A, I know there's a lot of people who probably put too much on and I'm probably one of them. I accidentally did one time and noticed my scars weren't as noticeable until all the dead skin peeled off. But I noticed that if you put on a little extra for a few days in a row over the scars the skin sloughing off actually stays intact for a few days. I know these are probably really frowned upon but they've actually reduced my breakouts and help tighten the skin and even help the appearance of scars.

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I totally know what you're saying about Retin-A making your scars look better temporarily. I use a VERY high strength retinoic acid peels. The next day my scars look a Lot BETTER, after the skin slough my skin looks the same. Although, I do believe over a LONG period of time they improve scarring.

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