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The current spa I go to offers many facials and peels and I'm highly considering getting one.

They have something called a "Acne Facial" which is $75. Does anyone know what a acne facial is like and what it does.

Also they offer a AHA/BHA Peel, isn't this peel for acne scars? I really want to get rid of some scars so is a AHA/BHA peel good for that? The peel is $45.

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I've gotten peels done at a spa and also at a derm office. Instead of wasting my money I do them at home now, everyday I use BHA and AHA acid. I didn't see much of a change with ice pick scarring but I did see a little of a change using them every day. I also use retinol/retinoids every day. Also, the spa I went to didn't use even close the strength as the medical office. I also a little difference in my acne doing the peels but not as much as using the products every day (of course not the same strength).

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Different spas have different meanings for an 'acne facial.' Some don't know what they're doing to acne prone skin so you'll have to be careful! If the place has good recommendations from acne-prone people and does not use comedogenic ingredients, they might be adequate to the job. If they plan to do extractions, make sure the practitioner knows what s/he is doing!

A salicylic peel is a bit irritating to acne prone skin. Salicylic acid is great for exfoliating inside the pore, but it's best (in my opinion) as a more gentle daily treatment. Glycolic acid in a peel strength seems to do more and not be as harsh as a salicylic acid peel. A combo peel might not be a bad idea. I myself prefer glycolic/TCA peels. The kind of peel you choose will depend on your skin tone. Darker skin tones should not do TCA at all (at least without lots and lots of pre-treatment prep and only in the mildest TCA possible), should never do high strength glycolic and should only consider mild strength lactic or salicylic peels.

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