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I tend to only get acne in one area at a time, for the longest time it was on my forhead, and quite bad, but fairly recently that's cleared up so it's 90% clear other than some scarring.

A while ago I had a few very very small and unnoticable marks just under the corner of my jawbone on my neck, over time it has "spread" to make a consitant path to my chin, going right along the corner of my jaw. This makes shaving a very annoying experiance. To top it off I got a cyst on the same side of my nose, and feel another one coming up just off the tip of my nose (I think it's going down and won't surface though..) right now it's just a red mark. A couple days ago I popped the first cyst and it has since gone down to 1/2 the size atleast. I also managed to get a line of 3 or 4 marks on my forhead.

The marks that make the consistant path from my neck to chin are all quite small red marks that sometimes form whiteheads, and that is strange because I very rarely get whiteheads. I normally just get which every ones are the larger redmarks that take a longer time to form and swell up a fair bit. The path on my chin to neck doesn't seem to go away and they all just sort of stay there.

My current regimen is washing strait water in the morning, nothing else. At night I wash with strait water, then dab on a mask of table salt. Leave the salt on for 5 or so minutes then apply aloe vera. I also avoid milk and cheese at all costs, and with the recent problem on my jawline I've completely cut them out, previously I still had cereal with milk the morning (didn't drink the milk at the end though) and sometimes cheese on a sandwich. I still have a fair amount of red meat in my diet but I can't cut that out too or I'll find myself with very very little meat in my diet. I also have large amounts of nutella and am contemplating cutting that out. The diet part is hard because before my acne or before I knew dairy was bad for my acne, I would have 4-6 glasses of milk a day, and sometimes just eat a very large block of cheese.

Since I've slowed milk and started the salt/aloe regimen my forhead has almost cleared up completely, but I'm thinking I should no longer apply salt to my jawline. Should I do this or keep it up as it worked for my forhead?

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I know its not the answer to the question you were looking for but i have to wonder how often do you change your pillow cases i find that i get the same problem on my neck and lower jaw because of the way i sleep if i dont change the case out weekly also it seems if i only treat one area the acne moves around my face quite weird really so i treat the whole thing

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To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. My mom does the laundry but I don't know how often. I also am treating my whole face but I'm a bit worried if that's what got the spots on my jawline started or not.

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