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Warning - be wary of misdiagnoses at medical "spas"

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See, I knew I wanted just a series of microderm + 30% glycolic acid chem peel treatments, and two different dermatologists said this was the way to go. So I figured I could save a few bucks by having the treatments done by an aesthetician rather than a physician's office. Well, I would strongly advise caution to anyone considering that. When I went in for an introductory consult, the aesthetician called in the head nurse, and not only did this "head nurse" absurdly misdiagnose me as Fitzpatrick skin type VI (which is the maximum darkest skin type, such as Shaquille O'Neal) when in actuality I am III or IV (Hispanic who gets mistaken for being white sometimes), but she also said micro+glycolic peels would be a bad idea because of the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (thereby contradicting two docs), BUT then she recommended TCA peels! AND she mischaracterized my scars as pitted (which was extremely absurd because both docs said they were hypertrophic/raised/bumpy, and this is clearly true based on reflection of light/shadows I've observed). Well, I was surprised that she was so careless & willing to lose business, but whatever. This may be obvious, but just to be safe, I'd recommend caution and doing your homework first for anyone considering getting certain treatments done for relatively cheap at med spas rather than physicians' offices. Thankfully I know of another med spa nearby where there won't be an arrogant idiot in charge.

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