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Accutane user in a swimming pool

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hello everyone,

I have a question about swimming while on accutane. Knowing that using topicals aren't the greatest ideas for an accutane user, would the chlorine and other chemicals be a little harsh for your face and skin? I never use hotel pools, just our home pool, and you cannot smell the chlorine or chemicals in it. I asked my dad and he said he does not use many chemicals in the pool really. I didn't think it would hurt to ask fellow users since my dermatologist appointment isn't for another week or so, besides I wont be swimming until after that time anyways.

Any input?


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Well, I had a month of swimming at my school. They used tons and tons of chloring since over 190 students would be using it a day. I didn't see to much of a difference in my skin except a little bit more dryness than usual. Since it's your own home pool i don't think it would be a problem

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As long as you rinse off and don't let the chemicals sit on you, you should be fine. Be sure to moisturize extra carefully just in case.

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glad i found this :)

i swim 5 times a week.... 6+ over the summer, swimming as in hard 2 hour practices. i have really sensitive skin too. every time after i swim i have to shower and use a gentle bodywash and i use the CVS gentle facewash, which is "like cetaphil", but i think i like it better. just make sure u wash afterwards and dont be afraid to use TONS of lotion

hope that helped

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