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Im 16 and have had spots since i was 12, however luckily i think ive peaked acne wise as now i have very few spots on my face compared to a couple of years ago. I still get whiteheads but it is 100% better than it used to be.

Unfortunatly my forehead is another matter ive gone from having no spots to being covered in about a year. The spots i get on my forehead arent anything like the mild acne i get on my face some are hard with white heads while others are just big,red and shiny. I have hard lumps all over my forehead now and when my spots finally go (it takes ages) im left with loads of red marks that dont appear to fade.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do, or if my marks will fade and what scarring will be like please reply thx

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Do you have hair that hangs down on your forehead? Do you use any gels/sprays/waxes in your hair at all? Sometimes hair products can clog pores, especially in areas where your hair hangs down over the skin.

What products or medications are you using on your skin right now?

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The red/brown post-acne marks will definitely fade in time. I was hit pretty bad with acne on my forehead during Fall 2007 of college. It took months for them to fade, even with Retin-a micro applied to it. I suggest visiting a dermatologist, maybe she or he will prescribe some medication. I'm using Duac and retin-a micro currently and it's the best combination I've tried.

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