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Soybean oil in my Green Tea extract

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I take green tea extract every day for its health benefits. Recently after finishing my previous bottle, I have purchased a different bottle of green tea extract from my local costco. The very first ingredient listed is soybean oil.

I only ask this because I always come across tons of threads regarding soy and acne/estrogen etc. I've read up on a lot of them, and I really don't have a strong thought about it.

Anyways my question, I will be taking about a gram of this extract every single day. Is this even a significant amount of soy?


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Also, what about the soy letichin that is in bubble gum..?

on the back of wrigleys winterfresh, and all other chewing gums, their is sugars, HFCS,corn syrups ...

and on spermint gums...EXTRA GUM EXT.. :excl:

all sort of gums for chewing, has some sort of acne aggrevating ingredient in them..


This may be the reason some of us ,despite a great diet, are getting PIMPLES AROUND OUR MOUTHS...and chins..

I have been chewing gum, or what not, and not really thinking to read the ingredients on the back of my chewing gum....

Well last night, after I popped a stick of Wriggley's winterfresh in my mouth, I decided to check..

sure enough, HFCS/CORNSYRUP/SUGARS/ ...AND loe and behold SOY /Soy letichin..

Do, we have to give up gum now guys?

Do anyone know a safe chewing gum/organic chewing gum, with out all the bad ingredients, for us acne prone?

What do you guys think?

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Yeah, that is a cause for concern.

Not because soy is bad for you, but because the green tea will have likely oxidized by the time you even put it in your body.

Sorry to be blunt, but I would try to go ahead and get the higher-quality brand that you were using before.

Alternatively, just drink some tea.

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