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Hello everyone

My journey to being acne free is so unusual that i just have to share it with everyone. I would like to know of anyone out there shares the same experience as me. This is my story..

I developed mild acne when i had my growth spurt when i was 13 and had pimples all over the T zone .. which is my forehead, nose and chin. However when my growth spurt stopped and i was 15 my pimples at my T zone cleared up and started getting pimples around my cheeks and up towards the side of my eyes.

The funny thing is, at that time, i also started using cleansers like BP to wash my face. My face felt clean but often dried my face in the process.

Then came 2 years of battling acne ...trying all kinds of regimes and medications .. untill the day i gave up...

That was when my pimples cleared up!!!

During a trip overseas.. i decided to totally forget about my acne and enjoy my trip. I didnt use cleansers and washed it 2ce a day when i shower. I was in a tropical climate (Malaysia) so my skin was always moist. I didnt get a single pimple in that 2 week trip.

Now im pimple free, spending nought on cleansers & moisturizers and wasting no time washing my face. What a dream come true right?

Im not saying everyone should follow me. Dans regime appears to have done wonders to many ..but not all. It certainly didnt work for me (it made my acne worse). My main aim of this post is to know if anyone is experiencing what i have experienced and maybe try what i have done.

I beleive that what happened was that..my acne was solely due to overdrying of my skin (u know it when your skin feels like an overstretched rubberband). When i was younger and getting pimples in my T zone my skin was too oily... when i was older getting pimples around my cheeks my skin was too dry. This makes sense as your T zone on your face is the area where your skin gets oily... and i didnt get any pimples in that area when i was overwashing my face as it was always well nourished with oil.

To summarize... if you...

- have pimples on your cheeks and do not have pimples in your T zone

- have experienced washing an acne free area and then developed acne there

- find your facial skin feels dry after washing

- have had experienced that not bothering to wash your face appeared to be better than washing your face

... then maybe try out what ive done... which is basicly to keep my face neither dry or too oily. Balance it with moisturizer if need be ... but thats not needed..i dont do that.

REMEMBER though...this is MY way...it might not be yours so i suggest you try this ONLY if you appear to be in the same situation as me.

I have much more to say but ill be going on forever. If anyone is interested to know more pls let me know. Im passionate in helping others be free from acne.

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Thank you so much. It really was a wonderful thing to be acne free, and want everyone to have that great feeling too.

I had not heard of the water-only regimen before, till i tried it out myself. Could have saved a couple of years being depressed :eh: . I guess im here to raise awareness of this regimen.

I have been acne free for about 3 months or more already. The pimples dont seem to be coming back *touch wood*. I get a single pimple about 1ce a month but i dont even bother dealing with them now and just let it heal itself (or pop in the shower). Its nothing compared to before.

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In one of the skincare books that I've read, it says that using cleansers and excessive topicals are not good for acne because it dries your skin (making self-repair difficult) and the irritation compounds the problem. The author recommended minimal washing, to use a moisturizer as a cleanser and well as to moisturize frequently with small amounts.

This applies only to dry climates like in Australia. If the climate isn't drying, I think the water only regimen like james' will work fine.

I've been following this regimen for two months, and even though I have not been completely acne free like james, my breakouts have been reduced massively, such that I can now see normal skin colour on most parts of my cheeks, which is awesome. I also don't have any skin dryness or irritation anymore.

By the way, as a disclaimer, I have also changed my diet substantially, so I cannot be sure if it's the diet or the regimen that is helping me. In any case, being ablt to get rid of all the dryness, itching and irritation is good enough reason for me.

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